CDC intensifies voter education


As one way of reducing null and void votes, Centre for Development Communications (CDC) has intensified voter education with the use of cinemas as the country is heading towards May 21 polls.

CDC is conducting the exercise in the selected areas in all the 193 constituencies across this country with assistance from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Speaking after teaching masses on what they shall do on the polling day at Migowi trading centre in Phalombe, CDC facilitator in the district, Andrew Banda, said they are satisfied with number of people whom they are teaching.

“These are what we call community cinema and dialogue as we are showing people steps and processes they shall follow on the day of elections at their respective polling centres.

“As you can see here there are a lot of people who are watching these documentaries and I am sure with this there will be less or no null and void votes,” he said.

He added by urging people to flock in large numbers this coming Tuesday and exercise their right to go and vote.

Malawi will have the tripartite elections next week where people will be voting for President, Members of Parliament and Ward councillors.