Chilima challenge goes viral on social media

The social media has been stormed with video clips challenging the U-turn of Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima’s recent remarks on the controversial fire that gutted Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) warehouse.

Chilima alleged that the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is behind fire that blocked the re-count of the votes at a warehouse in Lilongwe after the 2014 polls.

Chilima f:I dd’nt fear despite

The Vice President disclosed that the minister of homeland security Nicolas Dausi led the team that set the MEC warehouse on fire.

However, when the media sought clarification on the alleged claim, Chilima refused to provide more details to support his claim.

“Nkhani imeneyo takamba, isiyeni, tizakambabe (Let us leave that issue we will talk about it later)” said Chilima in an interview with the media.

Following the interview, the social media has been fed with video clips making fun of Chilima’s response.

“Man, mesa munati mwasiya kumwa mowa nanga lero bwanji mwalezela…Nkhani imeneyo takamba, isiyeni tizakamba (Man, but you said you have quit drinking, why are you drunk today? Let us leave that, we will talk about it later)” goes one video clip on the social media.

While the other clip goes :“Man mesa munati mwasiya kudya kamba? Nkhani imeneyo isiyeni tizakamba (Man, you said you have stopped eating kamba puffs…Let us leave that, we will talk about it later)”

The MEC warehouse was gutted by fire after the high court ordered that they should be recount of votes after the Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said the results were in favour of the party and not DPP.

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  1. Chitsiru cha munthu chilima.amemeyo osamuvotera Ali ndi khwiyo wawukulu akatenga boma sazapanga chitukuko adzapanga zobweza

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