Bushiri sleeping with ECG women? #NotInMyName reaches a verdict


A civil rights movement in South Africa that said Prophet Shepherd Bushiri had turned his Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) into a big bedroom for sexual orgies has returned with its verdict.

In February this year, a movement of activists against women abuse called #NotInMyName said it had been approached by several women accusing Prophet Bushiri and several ECG church elders of sexual abuse and harassment.

It alleged that the flamboyant prophet was grooming and sexually abusing young women in return for ‘miracle money’.


While demanding Bushiri to “come clean, and reform”, the organisation also threatened to hold protests against the controversial prophet that would make the #BushiriMustFall protests against the Malawian televangelist following the death of congregants last December “look like a Sunday kindergarten outing”.

In response to their demand, Prophet Bushiri called on the group to independently investigate him and the church in a bid to authenticate their allegations.

Following their investigation, Not In My Name has returned with a verdict of ‘not guilt’ having failed to “authenticate” the allegations against Bushiri.

“With maximum cooperation from the ECG leader Shepherd Bushiri and the whistleblowers within the church who made the initial claims, #NotInMyName closely examined the allegations made. From our side, #NotInMyName could not authenticate the claims made against the preacher,” the movement’s secretary-general Themba Masango has been quoted as saying by Africa News Agency.

Instead, the movement says it found widespread attempts to blackmail the self-proclaimed man of God who is arguably one of Africa’s most followed prophets.

“What was unearthed in our intense investigation were widespread attempts to blackmail Bushiri by several people within his church, community leaders, law enforcement officers and leading political parties.

“The engagements between #NotInMyName and the ECG are understandably still ongoing, as the church comprises of thousands of members whose actions can be traced back to the name and image of the church.”

Despite the findings, the movement says it continue to monitor the charismatic preacher.

“One will remember that after the allegations were brought to light, #NotInMyName led the charge in expressing disgust and shock – vowing to scrutinize the veracity of the claims. In February, #NotInMyName took an immediate radical stance, warning the ECG leader that if the claims were true, strong, decisive action – including closing down the church – would be imminent,” said Masango.

“In reaction to the #NotInMyName stance, it will also be remembered that Bushiri himself publicly opened his doors, and that of the ECG, inviting emissaries from the civil rights movement to closely probe him and his church leaders. As part of that process, investigative meetings and interactions were held with the ECG leadership, particularly Bushiri himself.”

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is currently facing money laundering and fraud charges together with his wife. The couple is expected to appear in court on Friday this week.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) is also investigating a case of defeating the ends of justice against the church following the death of three congregants in a reported stampede where at least 17 people were left battling for their lives in December.

In the aftermath of the accident, the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) led protests at the ECG, with community members calling for the church leader to be deported from South Africa and his ECG shut down in South African.



  1. People of God. There are people who call themselves man of God in South Africa. Those who are jealous about the growing of the church Ecg. This became a threat to them as they are not grown spiritually.

    They gave bogus members of the church money to accuse a Prophet Shepherd Bushiri with the crime he never committed just to pull him down.

    I’m asking you people of media to be fair to the Prophet when you publish this accusation

    You must investigate this people before you publish anything about a Prophet of God. Anyone who speaks evil or plan evil about man of God, they attack God.

    We have great people in the church. People who are educated. We have many doctors; Professors; Magistrate’s and Advocates in the church. People who are more clever than me and you. They come to Ecg because they have seen the manifestation of God’s Power in Ecg church

    People they talk from distance. Come closer so that you can become someone to testify about the greatest of God

    Hope you find this in order

    Kindly Regards

    Isaac Moloto

  2. Please of God. There are people who call themselves man of God in South Africa those who are full of jealousy to the successful growing of the church ECG. They buy people who claim to be members of Ecg to accuse Prophet Shepherd Bushiri by the crimes he never committed just to pull him down.

    What I’m you people of media, be fair when you are dealing with this issues.

    I’m asking you to investigate every one who accused Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. And those people must tell you who send them.

    But if you don’t do that, meaning you are part of this scheme

    Hope you find this in order

    Kindly Regards

    Isaac Moloto

  3. You are fighting this prophet for nothing, I think you are sent to destroy this ministry

  4. Guys touch not the anointed servants of God. For you to be freed from God ‘s curse u will need the same prophet to forgive you and pray for you

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