Voters demand new Misuku court, police houses

Parliamentary candidates for Chitipa East constituency who came for a public political debate at Misuku community ground on Thursday were taken by surprise when one member of the audience Gondwe asked about the construction of Misuku magistrate court which is an eyesore due to the dilapidated status in which it is.

During question time, community member Nyozomo Gondwe asked the aspirants after he had noted that since the court was constructed in early 1960s no elected leader has shown interest to renovate the building and the house meant to accommodate the third grade Magistrate who currently operates from Chitipa boma as the house is also inhabitable.

Misuku police unit, 30 years without staff houses-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

“My question goes to the three shadow candidates, what will they do in terms of infrastructure to change the face of Misuku. We have structures such as the magistrate court, the magistrate’s house and the Misuku police unit which does not have staff houses 30 years after its establishment.

“I feel these structures are vital when it comes to justice delivery and security intensification in our area, hence our demand to know what plans they have for these government buildings,” Nyozomo said.

Needs new face, Misuku Magistrate court-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri

Answering this in turn, all the three independent shadow MPs seemed to be well conversant with the developmental procedures as they had a common answer which is to work with community development committees to come up with structures that would benefit everyone.

Kafunja Msukwa said he would sit down with Kakomo and Kalenge area development committee (ADC) members to see how best they can use development funds for projects such portable water, school blocks, roads and health facilities including the structures in question.

“Indeed we are not making strides when it comes to development. That is the reason why I have decided to join politics. I want to develop this area, I want to change the face of Misuku and turn around the socio-economic status of this area,” Msukwa said.

On his part, Anthony Kayange faulted former leaders for neglecting the area, saying people of Misuku are treated as if they are not Malawians despite paying heavy taxes.

Kayange said his priority area will be to lobby for the construction of the police unit’s staff houses, the magistrate’s court and the house for the third grade magistrate so that justice delivery should be enhanced as this will make the magistrate to operate from the area.

While the three independent shadow MPs were slugging it out, the DPP’s aspirant candidate for the area who shunned the debate without an excuse, was holding a political rally few meters away from the venue and ironically took away Malipenga dances that was supposed to entertain people at the debate.

When the organizers of the debates were asked whether they were amused with poor turn up of shadow candidates, Chitipa district civic education officer Amos Ngoma said it was worrisome that candidates missed an opportunity of marketing their development agendas for the constituents.

“It is a missed opportunity on their part. You can see the questions from voters to shadow candidates that these people always have issues but they lack a platform to vomit out their concerns. This was their opportunity to interact face to face ahead of the May 21 tripartite elections,” Ngoma said.

Chitipa NICE Public Trust and Justice and Peace of Karonga diocese organized the road shows and debates in the district with emphasis on ATI bill on health governance with funding from EU, Germany Embassy and OSISA.