Hemp grower urges government to legalise cannabis  


Hemp grower, Invegrow Hempower Malawi, has urged Malawi  Government to legalise the crop so that the country should start enjoying its benefits.

Invegrow Hempower Malawi Director Nerbert Nyirenda made the remarks on Tuesday when his company donated K150,000  to the Association of Environmental Journalists (AEJ). On the same day, Kawandama Hill Plantations also gave AEJ K300,000.

Nerbert Nyirenda of Invegrow

Invegrow Hempower Malawi is a company which manufactures bags, clothes and building materials by using Indian hemp while Kawandama is a company that produces oils and charcoal from trees which they plant and raise them in Chikangawa.

Speaking during the event, Nyirenda said that it is important to legalise the crop so that its significance should be shown to the public. He said the benefits include creating products for exports and factories which create job opportunities.

Speaking after the handover of the funds, Invegrow Hempower Malawi Director Nerbert Nyirenda said they thought it wise to come in and donate the funds to assist AEJ towards their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Blantyre due to the role the journalists play in disseminating information regarding environment.

Nyirenda added that they are having a project on Indian hemp which is environmental friendly since hemp is a crop that is industrial, agricultural, as well environmental friendly.

“Based on research that we have done from 2015, the conclusion is that the economy is viable to grow industrial hemp since it is one of the crops which contributes to the sustainable growth, it also provides nutrition food like oil. We also found out that the whole crop is useful we make a lot of things from it such as bricks which is economically, socially and financially stable,” he explained.

In her remarks, Kawandama Hills Plantation Director Tanya Clarke said they will continue to partner with the media to create more awareness on legal charcoal business.

Clarke (R) of Kawandama Hills presenting the donation to Malata

Clarke explained that they were given an extension in Chikangawa Forest so that they can grow their own trees to avoid deforestation and keep the environment vibrant.

On his part, President of AEJ Mathews Malata thanked the two partners for the donation.

Association of Environmental Journalists is a media group which focuses on environmental conservation and ensuring that Malawi keeps its green .The group held AGM from Thursday to Friday in Blantyre.