UTM penetrates UDF’s stronghold 

Saulos Chilima

Vice-President Saulos Chilima who is also UTM presidential candidate in the May 21 2019 tripartite elections has challenged that UTM is expected to win with landslide votes during the forthcoming elections because it has made massive in-roads in other parties’ perceived strongholds.

Chilima said this on Thursday at St. Augustine 2 Primary School Ground popularly known as M’baluku in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in Mangochi District when he held a political rally to unpack his manifesto to the electorate.

Chilima captured during the rally

“I would like to dare say that we have made huge steps to enable us dislodge this present party from government. We are stunning and shaming our doubters after 42 days from now,” said the UTM torchbearer, amid ear-splitting applause from the audience that swallowed the ground.

“We are here again for the second time after we launched our party in T/A Mponda. Now, our coming is to remind you that what we said during the launch of the party still stands and we are just waiting to implement them after we take government next month,” he said with confidence.

Among others, Chilima said UTM is poised to construct Mangochi-Makanjira, Chilipa and Katuli roads to help farmers, businesspersons among other users to transport their commodities, goods and services, saying this will help to unlock wealth that will even boost the country’s economy.

“In Mangochi we are blessed because we have natural resources which if we can utilise them we can change the face of the district and the whole country,” he pointed out.

“Our manifesto wants to use all the district’s natural endowment such as Lakes, Mpale Village Cultural Centre, forests, minerals among others to spur economic growth,” added Chilima.

The UTM hopeful said Mangochi will be turned to be the first city in Malawi lying close to the lake just like Mozambique, Tanzania, among others African countries.

Speaking earlier, UTM Patron Noel Masangwi asked the people to use their votes wisely by choosing Chilima and all UTM candidates in order to witness myriad developments.

“Don’t make any mistake on May 21 2019 elections. Your vote is a great weapon to take you to change the country,’’ he advised.