Nice in sensitization drive to minimize null and void votes


As the campaign period hots up, the National Initiative for Civic Education Trust (NICE) in Chiradzulu, has embarked on a sensitization initiative aimed at mobilizing people to vote in their large numbers, as well as minimising null and void votes in the May 21 polls.

Apart from this, the Trust wanted to empower citizens to demand transparency and accountability from their leaders they intend to vote into office, during the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Nice wants many votes to be valid

In an interview, District Civic Education Officer for the Trust in Chiradzulu, Kondwani Newa, said democracy commands citizen participation in various development aspects, hence the need to empower them.

Newa said this campaign period is a crucial time for the electorates to be reminded of their responsibilities, in scrutinizing would-be leaders, before voting them into office.

“We feel that by sensitizing the masses on voting process and good  governance , they will be able to elect good leaders, provide checks and  balances and most of all, vote accurately, thereby minimizing null and void  votes,” he said.

On Political Parties Act, Newa said they are enlightening the masses on  dangers of electing leaders based on hand-outs, adding it is an offence and  punishable by law.

“It is pleasing to note that since the onset of our meetings, people are now able to differentiate between hand-outs and good will.  We hope that come voting day, leaders will be elected based on issues,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Trust has organized public debates for MP and Councillor hopefuls, starting today (Tuesday).