Malawi police condemn political violence

James Kadadzera

…as four govt vehicles are damaged

Malawi Police have condemned political violence that has witnessed the smashing of four government vehicles in the capital, Lilongwe.

According to the police, unknown people attacked some vehicles which were coming from whistle stops which President Peter Mutharika had on 3rd April in the city.

James Kadadzera
James Kadadzera condemned the violence

Among the vehicles that were damaged include one each from the police, ministry of information and Lilongwe District Commissioner’s office.

“Malawi Police condemns the shocking behavior demonstrated by the residents of these areas,” reads the statement signed by Malawi Police spokesperson James Kadadzera.

The statement further reads that the law enforcers are to investigate the incident and bring to justice those that were behind it.

President Mutharika opened Lilongwe old airport and later addressed people from Santhe, Kasiya and Kabudula trading centers in Lilongwe.

Malawi has witnessed political violence as days go closer to the polling day.