President Ramaphosa’s delegates declares ECG home of the ANC: Promises to lift Bushiri’s arrest

Shepherd Bushiri

…ANC promises to drop Bushiri’s fraud and money laundering charges

…Bushiri to meet with Ramaphosa

A high-profile delegation that South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa is said to have sent to pray with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri at Pretoria Showgrounds has promised to drop Bushiri’s fraud and money laundering charges.

Led by Mathole Matshekga, a senior member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC), the entourage declared ECG as the home of the ruling ANC.

Matshekga who described ECG as “an African church”, proclaimed the church as the home of the ANC.

Shepherd Bushiri
ANC to free Bushiri

According to a report shared by ECG on its social media pages, Matshekga, while conveying greetings from president Cyril Ramaphosa to the ECG church, ensured the full packed congregation that the ANC will lift the arrest of Major 1, as Bushiri is fondly called by his followers.

He said the charges against Bushiri emanates from some corrupt officials and the party will do anything to see to it the issue is addressed, alleging that Bushiri is being persecuted with tramped up charges.

“Dr Motshekga says, he and Mchunu received a delegation from ECG detailing and asking how and why Major1 was being persecuted and they agreed to take immediate action on the issue. This sent a resounding message to the church as members rose and broke into the ‘electrifying and jubilation song, ‘Kae kapa kae Major rea le wena’, translated ‘Wherever you go Major1, we we will go with you and support you'” reads part of the report.

Bushiri, arrested together with his wife, is currently on bail. He paid R100 000 (about K5 million) bail bond. So did his wife.

“Motshekga announced Prophet Bushiri’s scheduled meeting with president Ramaphosa in which the congregation sealed it with the celebration lyrics of ‘if God be there, there are no problems'” it adds.

Prophet Bushiri is said to have hailed the ANC and the President Ramaphosa for the delegation and assured the ruling party of continued prayers from ECG family.

South Africa goes to polls in May.

3 thoughts on “President Ramaphosa’s delegates declares ECG home of the ANC: Promises to lift Bushiri’s arrest

  1. You in social media you lie too much how can you say that R100,000 is K5 million. A Rand is equal to 84 ngwee, how do you calculate your mathematics? In many cases your stories don’t add up. This raises a lot of concern really. When will you ever tell the truth. Do you do research before publishing your materials? But at least you should tell people the truth otherwise the world is better off without you. Verify the facts before you publish them.

  2. Stop publishing fake news. The ANC is not a court of law. We never saw a story like this. All criminals are charged for their crimes. Fraud is no laughing matter

  3. Another corruption branch is born, ECG. Sooner or later a commission will surface. No wonder Geese Mantashe was singing Bushiri praises earlier. From Bosasa to Bushiri……….

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