Tingathe defends Airtel Malawi over Mtchana signature


Non-governmental organisation Tingathe says it adopted the Mitchana term for an initiative which Airtel supported.

The NGO said this after a flyer was shared online promoting the organisation’s initiative called Mitchana ya Geni which is supported by Airtel.

It was claimed that Airtel adopted the signature used by Fredokiss but Tingathe says it was the organisation which used the term.

“We disagree with the characterization of ‘stealing’ the term [and] are saddened by the nature of this article, depicting Airtel as a thief. As a matter of fact, the term was proposed by the Tingathe team and it was adopted as an ideal random but catchy Chichewa term to refer to our youth as Champions in Business ( Mitchana ya Geni),” Tingathe said in a statement made available to Malawi24.

Tingathe also outrightly denies claims that the term mtchana commonly used by Fredokiss as his signature was coined by the musician.