Political debates a tool for peaceful co-existence – NICE

As the country is drawing closer to the 2019 tripartite elections, NICE Trust has hailed political debates as a tool for peaceful co-existence among political parties.

According to Ntchisi District Education Officer for the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE), Beston Chikafutwa, debates draws people of different political parties together hence creating peaceful environment in the run-up to the elections.

Chikafutwa NICE

Chikafutwa made the remarks during stakeholders meeting organised by his office which took place on 27 March.

“During the debate people, from different political parties come together and the environment is peaceful which helps them to understand that politics is not about war but unity. Candidates are also encouraged to shake hands symbolising unity,” said Chikafutwa.

He also indicated that debates help the candidates to sell themselves to voters as well as displaying and enhancing their communication skills.

On his part, Andrew Lihoma, the Director of Administration (DOA) at Ntchisi council, said it is good gesture to bring political party candidates together since they also sign social contract.

“Social contract helps people at the local level to make a follow up and see if the elected candidates are living to their campaign promises,” said DOA.

NICE office for Ntchisi is expected to conduct 12 debates in all the four constituencies for both parliamentary and local government candidates from 8 April.