Chakwera sorry again for MCP atrocities


Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday held prayers where he apologized for MCP’s atrocities.

Chakwera during the MCP prayers

The MCP organised the event to pray for the 2019 elections as well as the campaign period.

Addressing the congregation, Chakwera apologized to the nation and families of all who were people killed or who suffered various hardships for opposing the 31-year autocratic regime of Kamuzu Banda.

In 2016, Chakwera also apologised for MCP’s past saying the atrocities should be forgiven and forgotten.

On Saturday at the prayers, Chakwera urged other political parties to work for the betterment of the rural based ordinary citizen and not for personal gain.

He then encouraged Malawians to always put God first.

“The objective is as a nation we cannot be God fearing and then disregard him in everything we do. If we want to be God fearing then let us put him first,” Chakwera confessed.

The prayers were attended by many People’s Party followers including Roy Kachale, son to Joyce Banda who recently ended her presidential bid and endorsed Lazarus Chakwera.



  1. Tell us you are sorry pokwela joice banda! Those atrocities happened because we malawians we are fools so no need to be sorry. Because of our foolishness yes we deserve that kind of treatment look at todays treatment what is the difference?

  2. We forgive but we don’t forget. Now that MCP has teamed up with the cashgate party, we now know that birds of the same feather flock together. MCP deserves another term in the opposition benches.

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