MBC shuts up caller for slamming Chakwera attacks


A live phone in program on MBC TV turned haywire when one caller slammed the hosts of a propaganda based program on the station and told them that opposition party Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera is coming to fire them upon winning in the polls in May.

The program run by host Steven Maseya and guest Hope Chisanu highlights projects that the station argues have been managed by the Peter Mutharika led regime.

The MBC has been accused of favoring the ruling party, the DPP.

Maseya and Chisanu turned their fire on the caller asking him why he would vote for the MCP whom the two claimed is a violent and pathetic party.

They further told the caller that they would not be punished at the state broadcaster because MCP is not going to win.

The two journalists who have received incessant criticism on the social media for their conduct, went ahead to question the caller why Chakwera left the pulpit to politics.

They said it was surprising to them that Chakwera left the church to take a role in politics at a time when the same callers dub politics as evil.

The MBC has been criticised in various scholarly work as being more of covering issues about ruling regimes and sidelining any critics outrightly.

The core programs are On the Agenda and Chindunji, in which the station slams the opposition parties in overlooking their arguments and heavily highlighting the ruling party’s projects.