Dan Lu steals DPP love from Nkasa


It has been a common trend among musicians to praise political leaders through their songs.

These songs have been a force of advancing political ideologies for most politicians in the world and in particular Malawi.

Dan Lu: His song Lozani Zanu praises DPP

One such artist is Joseph Nkasa who has produced a number of songs that praise political leaders in Malawi.

From “ Mose wa lero” a song that was produced to praise the then President of Malawi late Bingu wa Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Nkasa has also offered his praise to Malawi’s first  female president Joyce Banda.

“Amayi” is a song that praised Banda’s achievements when she got into power after Bingu death in 2012.

When Banda lost the 2014 elections to Peter Mutharika, Nkasa fell in love with DPP again.

The artist produced the first song “Yoswa” to praise the second Mutharika, the track that has been more or less like an anthem for DPP’s political rallies.

Nkasa also slammed indirectly opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) for its atrocities while praising Mutharika and his achievements through his song “Nkhaza zosayiwalika”.

These songs have been enjoying great time on state broadcasting houses, radios, 1 and 2 and Television as a day could not pass without being played on air.

But with months to the 2019 elections, another artist by the name Dan Lu has surprised Nkasa with his political lyrical propaganda produced in praise of DPP.

“Lozani zanu” a song that is challenging other political parties on developmental achievements is now a replacement of DPP anthem from Nkasa’s songs.

“Winanso Ayi” is another track produced by Dan Lu that argues that the first citizen of the country is the trump card that is the talk of the nation.

Dan Lu’s songs have pushed Nkasa’s propaganda tracks into archives and probably stolen that love of his DPP songs from party followers.

The two songs are now being used to lure undecided voters into joining the bandwagon of the deep blue sea in various platforms among them being public address systems, radios and televisions.

“Winanso ayi, winanso ayi, tati winanso ayi, Dziko lagwirizana, winanso ayi, mtsogoleri ndani? Peter yekha.




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