Bushiri’s daughter heals HIV positive woman


Footage has emerged showing Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter, Israella Bushiri, healing an alleged HIV positive and wheelchair-ridden woman.

The video, posted on Prophet Bushiri’s official YouTube channel in 2017, shows the televangelist imploring members of his Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church congregation to claim their miracles.

“Say: ‘Heavenly Father, I need my Miracle today. Change my story, Change my name in the name of Jesus’.

“Do you know that when God changes your story, even your name changes. People are now calling you Miriam. But when God changes your story, they will say: Madam. Today, all I want you to do is to claim your miracle” says Bushiri.

Thereafter, a woman and a man calls out to Prophet Bushiri for help. The prophet asks: “what’s wrong with you”, to which the woman responds: “I am in a wheelchair. I want healing man of God. Help me man of God”.

After running to where they are seated, both the woman and man narrate their stories. But instead of laying his hands in prayers as has been accustomed to by many, he called for his first born daughter, Israel Bushiri, to be brought forward.

“Bring my first born daughter here. I saw this in a vision” he claimed.

Upon her arrival, Israella spoke to the lady in reminiscent of how Prophet Bushiri performs his miracles. She asks the lady a couple of questions, to which the woman responds: “yes”.

“Do you believe that Jesus will heal you today? Can I pray for you? You have been healed in the name of Jesus, stand up and walk. Stand up and walk,” Israella commands as the whole congregation breaks into pandemonium of cheers.

The lady, who claimed to have been HIV positive and down with stroke since December 2015, stood and limped forward without the the wheelchair.

As of press time, the video had over one million and 6 hundred thousand views.

Watch the full video below




  1. If Africans would drop God and Jesus from their lives everything will get much better.This is my prophesy.

  2. Only God heals throu the blood of Christ Jesus by faith.

  3. Penapake ngati nkhani za Bushiri zasowa kungosiya osalemba. Zoti mulembe nzochuluka. Anapitanso kukayesesa nthawi yomweyo kukatuluka negative.

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