JTI in tree planting exercise


Japan Tobbaco International on Friday conducted a tree planting exercise  at Msunga Primary School in Lilongwe where 2300 trees were planted.

The tree planting exercise involved JTI leaf growers and learners at the school.

Speaking after the ceremony, JTI Leaf Corporate Affairs Director Limbani Kakhome said they have a strong relationship with communities surrounding the school.

Kakhome encouraged tobacco growers to continue planting trees under the project called live barn where a farmer is supposed to plant 213 trees in his or her farm.

“This year we want to plant 1.2 million trees across the country, we are encouraging our farmers nationwide to plant trees because these trees will help to produce quality tobacco,” he said.

In his remarks, Msunga Primary School Head teacher Mtunduwatha Sankhulani thanked JTI for the exercise saying the trees will in the long term prevent roofs of school blocks from blowing off like last year.

Sankhulani pledged to encourage the students to continue protecting the trees and warned that they will take to task anyone found cutting trees in future.

Recently, the company built two school blocks, a headteacher’s house and toilets at the institution with the aim of combatting child labour.