Voter verification team donates to inmates


A Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) operations team that was doing the voter verification exercise in Karonga decided to leave a mark in the district.

Led by their team leader who is also the senior electoral services officer responsible for logistics Samuel Sitolo, the group decided to thank God for the successful implementation of both voter registration and verification in the district by donating a 60 meters white linen for uniform as well as assorted groceries for inmates at Karonga Prison.

Sitolo (L) in a symbolic presentation of a foyer to the OC and inmates-Picture by Jordan Simeon-Phiri (2) –

Speaking on behalf of fellow inmates after receiving the donation, Suzgo Mwangonde thanked the Good Samaritans for the timely donation that has come at a time inmates at the prison are wearing rags.

“On behalf of my fellow inmates let me thank you for the kind gesture. You have really demonstrated love to us. These items will go a long way in alleviating some of the problems that we are encountering here,” Mwangonde said.

Taking his turn, Inspector Sanderson Nyambwani who stood in for the Prison’s officer-In-Charge Joyce Chimphepo, said the numerous problems the inmates are going through need concerted efforts from various stakeholders as prisons are now rehabilitation centres and not confinement places for punishment.

“Let me hail the MEC members of staff for this wonderful gift. Our problems range from lack of uniform for inmates, transport of inmates to hospital when they fall sick to tools for vocational training such as carpentry and tinsmith.

“Therefore, let me take this opportunity to ask people of goodwill and organizations to emulate this good gesture and help the government with solutions to problems that inmates face during the period they are in prisons,” Nyambwani said.

Team leader for MEC members of staff Samuel Sitolo said they felt duty bound to do something before leaving Karonga after a successful duty of tour.

“These items have been bought by money that individuals from various government departments who formed an operations team for MEC to implement voter verification exercise here in Karonga and we thought it wise to help our brothers here in a small way possible, hence the donation,” Sitolo said.

The operations team contributed about K150, 000 that was used to buy linen for uniform, two bales of sugar, three cartons of U-fresh, toothpaste and toothbrushes that will benefit about 60 inmates who are at the prison.