Illovo Malawi under fire for failing to renovate school


Illovo Sugar Malawi has been taken to task for failing to renovate a school situated in its estate.

The educational faciliuty, Chimbiya Primary School, is located in the company’s estate in Chikwawa.

In November last year, strong winds blew off rooftops of school-blocks and teachers’ houses and according to one teacher, authorities went to the school where they just took photos and left.

“We have heard nothing since. Now, when teaching, we have to frequently look at the sky. At the sign of the first rain cloud, class is dismissed,” the teacher said.

Meanwhile, Social commentator Onjezani Kenani has condemned Illovo for ignoring the school which is in its estate.

“I have no idea how giant corporations set their corporate social responsibility priorities. Chimbiya Primary School, the one whose rooftops blew off (including the teachers’ houses’), is situated in the Illovo estate. One would imagine Illovo weighing in decisively at such a time of emergency,”