Chilima aides in court today


Vice President Saulos Chilima’s personal assistants who were arrested on Sunday are expected to appear in court today.

The two Kush Unyolo and Joshua Valera will appear before Balaka magistrate court to answer the charge of conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Unyolo and Valera were arrested at the launch of Chiwanja cha Ayao cultural event in Balaka on Sunday where police say they committed the crime.

According to Malawi Police Service spokesperson James Kadadzera, the two were acting suspiciously at the Chiwanja Cha A Yao function as they wandering about and they did not even occupy any seat.

Unyolo and Valera were released on bail later on Sunday after Vice President Saulos Chilima went to the Police station to demand their release.

Meanwhile, Chilima’s UTM has described the arrest of the two as politically motivated.

Spokesperson for the party Joseph Chidanti Malunga said in a statement that government is using the police to persecute those in the opposition.

“We would like to remind the Police that this Country is governed by laws and any unlawful arrest cannot be tolerated.”

“Police should desist from being used by politicians as this is contrary to their code of conduct and the statute regulating police conduct.

“In 1993 Malawians voted for a change so that they can do away with Police brutality. Such careless acts and conduct can easily lead to chaos and unrest endangering our hard won democracy peace and tranquillity,” says the statement.



  1. Good job our police u can use the law not power from somebody else nooo sure

  2. Good job our police u can use the law not power from somebody else nooo

  3. I think our country still ruled by savages thats why they dont understand between goverment and ŕuling party we need some one who can able to seperate btwn goverment and ruling party and am sure the person who can do that is Chilima, he understands our traditional not Matchona he doesnt know anything abt our traditional

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