UTM happy with primaries in Phalombe South


UTM has hailed delegates in Phalombe South for conducting peaceful primary elections.

During the polls, Robert Malinga, who is said to be the National Youth Coordinator for UTM lost after getting 163 votes while the winner Douglas Lare got 285 votes.

Delegates voting during the polls

There were two contenders on parliamentary seat and two shadow councillors who went unopposed.

The names of the councillors who went unbeaten are Chinsinsi Chikaonda for Mpasa Michesi Ward and Wyton Antonio for Mulomba Likuledzi Ward.

Commenting on the results, Andrew Mandala who is the Organising Secretary for UTM said that the elections went on well and they were peaceful.

“We didn’t expect such results, people have chosen someone they wanted and as a party we are happy because of that,” said Mandala.

He added that those who have lost should not leave UTM because they are still helpful to the party.


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  1. Total shame – only less than 500 delegates, and you continue to make noise that you are going to win? Masanje a chipani

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