UTM primaries in Mzuzu end in chaos


UTM primary elections in Mzuzu City Constituency ended in chaos with no winner being declared.

Presiding officer John Kanyika from Malawi Electoral Commission failed to declare the winner after some delegates started celebrating before the votes were counted.

Mzuzu Deputy Mayor Alexander Mwakikunga, incumbent parliamentarian Leonard Njikho and Justice Chimaliro are the candidates in the constituency.

“All three candidates stood in front and we told delegates to go behind their choice but when we wanted to start counting delegates for Hon Njikho his supporters lifted him up declaring their victory.

“So everything became abnormal and a decision will be made later,” said Kanyika.

Njikho the Mzuzu City Legislator who is also a UTM Governor for the North had the majority of people behind him compared to Deputy Mayor Alexander Mwakikunga and Justice Chimaliro.

He told media that he only noticed his supporters celebrating behind.

“There are no chaos here and what I am seeing now is people celebrating my victory so take what you are witnessing here,” said Njikho.

Commenting on the issue, Mwakikunga said the chaotic process failed to produce a winner.

He later told media that he is going to stand as an independent candidate if Njikho is declared winner.

Chimaliro refused to comment saying he will wait for the results of the polls.

Mzuzu city has 15 wards with one constituency.

Primary polls for ward councillors went well except in Mzilawaingwe ward where UTM Publicity Secretary for the North Fraser chunga was supposed to compete with Tony Mwenitete. The elections were called off due to misunderstandings.

The polls in Mzuzu were held at Chenga Gardens after the delegates were chased away from the initial venue.

UTM primaries were expected to be held today in all constituencies across the country.