Malawians despised and demonized my brother Bingu – Peter Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

…APM told to shut up

President Peter Mutharika (APM) says Malawians despised and demonized his brother, late Bingu wa Mutharika, because the people in the country are fond of destroying progress.

In his new year address, Mutharika said Malawi has the potential to develop if the country stops destroying what he described as a foundation while setting Bingu wa Mutharika’s unpopularity during his second term as an example.

“As a nation, let us continue the good work we have begun for our country. One problem with us as a country is that we like destroying our own foundations.

“Every time we begin progress in this country, we want to destroy it. That is what we did with Bingu! (May his soul rest in peace) We despised him! We demonized him! We conspired against him. We betrayed him. In no time, we turned round and said he was a good man.” said Mutharika.

He suggestively went on offensive attack against his predecessor, President Joyce Banda, saying she left a broken economy when he took over government.

“Four years ago, our economy was broken. Our country was nearly bankrupt. Businesses were closing. But we fought out of the economic crisis. We fought national disasters of floods, drought and hunger.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika told to shut up

“Only four years ago, we found our economy suffering severe pains of mismanagement. We began with a crisis. Donors had withdrawn.

“Inflation was high and prices were rising. Interest rates were high and the cost of borrowing was very high. Our currency was unstable and fragile. Businesses were failing. Poverty was rising. And suffering was growing.” he said.

While Joyce Banda is yet to respond, Malawians commenting on a post shared on a Government Facebook page called out the president as a liar and told him to shut up.

Others reminded the president of a dubious K145 million he pocketed from a business person, Zameer Karim who is being investigated for corruption.

“Kodi za ndalama zija adaba 145 m mchaka chapitachi bwanji sadakambeko (why haven’t you mentioned anything on the K145 million)” wrote one person.

Ligumushe Togirigi commented: “Asking for TA Sitola, the only traditional leader with integrity and patriotism: The First Laday has no salary. Where is she getting the money for the top class flats she is building in Lilongwe? Don’t shoot the messenger”.

Chimms Kaduya responded by saying the president does not walk his talk.

“You talk too much. U keep on talking and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on NO Action at all” she said.

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  1. The president must remember that Joyce Banda was only completing his brother’s term, so all thover thingati he is mentioning like the donor ommunity stopped giving aid to Malawi it was his brother’s deeds. The matter of the fact is that he doesn’t know what is happening on the ground.

  2. Just talking like you don’t have brain which progress are talking about robbying and looting taxi payers money..mmmmm….you should just step down once and ho back your America cause you have failed Malawi 9. 9

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