Malawi Parliament passes bill allowing dual citizenship

Nicholus Dausi

Malawi Parliament has passed a bill that allows Malawians to have dual citizenship.

The Malawi Citizenship Act Amendment Bill which which was passed in the House on Wednesday among other things recognises dual citizenship.

Speaking after the bill was passed in Parliament, Minister of Homeland Security’s Nicholas Dausi thanked Members of Parliament on both sides for passing the legislation saying it will help empower women.

He said Malawian women who married foreigners were losing their Malawian citizenship but that will not be the case once the bill comes into effect.

“I think Malawian women can celebrate that they have a government that is at the heart of women emancipation,” Dausi said.

He added that new legislation is important to the socio-economic development of Parliament.

During debate for the bill, Malawi Congress Party spokesperson on legal issues supported the amendment bill but said there was need for a comprehensive review of the Citizenship Act.

He added that MCP will table a comprehensive review of the act if the party forms the next government next year.