Chilima angers Neno: SKC forsakes supporters


…I don’t know Neno, says Chilima

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilimaa has been described as a negligent and immature politician selling an empty package by the people of Neno who waited in vain for the UTM leader.

Thousands of people gathered at Neno community stadium and Ligowe trading center on Friday for the UTM President who is conducting a series of whistle-stop tours in Southern Malawi.

According to the party’s program on Friday, Chilima was supposed to conduct a whistle-stop at Kachere, Ligowe, Zalewa and  and a mini rally at Neno boma before conducting main rally at Mwanza Community ground.

Some of the people who were waiting to hear from Chilima at Neno boma expressed to this reporter of their disappointment in the UTM leader after being told at eleventh hour that Chilima was not going to address them after waiting for more than four hours.

People in UTM regalia outside Neno Stadium charting “Chilima watilephera” (Chilima has failed us).

One of the UTM supporters, Samson Matebule, said he came all the way from Neno Mission trading center leaving his business in order to hear the party’s plan for Neno district.

Annie Sulijala who came from Chidakwani Village in the district said Chilima’s failure to conduct the rally in the district is an indication that just like other politicians he has “empty package for the people of Neno” which was elevated into a full district separate from Mwanza 15 years ago .

But, speaking in an interview UTM interim Secretary General Patricia Kaliati said Chilima and party delegates failed to show up as they do not know the location of Neno.

Kaliati said there was miscommunication on which was the right road to Neno after reaching Kachere and they ended up taking the road to Phalula in Balaka.

According to Kaliati, it was already late for them to fulfill the whole program when they realised they had missed their direction.

However, Kaliati has promised people in the district that very soon the party will come back to Neno where it will hold a special rally for Neno alone.




  1. Chilima Chilima Chilima…….!!!!!!!
    How can the whole chiima….the whole kaliati…..the whole usi ……the whole kalindo… that…..GADDA
    its very unfortunity and unfair…..don’t blame the reporter….its the proper time and the time is now

  2. Naphazi evenue the name speaks a volume, Chilima is selling WHAT????? Which school of journalism did you go brother? Leave these useless reporting trying to make Chilima look like your Boss who has given you money to be writing these useless stories. Can’t you use your head to think that the fact that people were waiting for him till late is a sign that he is the only hope of the masses?

  3. Be serious plz. When you give us reasons they must be genuine and show that it comes from people who ready to take us far or as you have done here. You mean the who entourage had not plan for the route to Neno. Neither you had no idea of Neno for past 4 years. If you fail to plan for the routes, will you plan for mother Malawi.
    Kapena munaledzebwa paja ndi gulu LA ntonjani kkkkk mababydi

  4. Enock chiphazi which journalism school u went? U can’t write say people were angry bcoz chilima didn’t show after they travelled long distances yet u say they wanted to hear “his package of empty promises”. It’s not adding up. If its an empty package why bother for the whole distance walking to hear from him. Plz atolankhani a malawi24 learn to write zogwirizana ndi title yomwe mwalemba.

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