Miracle House Ministry celebrates 5 years of existence in SA: Princess Chitsulo, Maggie Mangani impress

Princess Chitsulo

Miracle House of Prayer for all Nations, a church that is run by Prophet Jackson Banda in Rondabult, South Africa, celebrated five years of existence over the weekend.

The celebration which lasted for 3 days, started with an opening special service on Friday. The service attracted performances from Malawis gospel song birds; Princess Chitsulo, Maggie Mangani, and Winnie Mlotha.

The celebrations extended with baptism on Saturday, 1st December when Prophet J Banda welcomed over hundred new church members. On the final day, Sunday 2nd December, the church hosted Holy Communion and lunch with its members.

The celebration attracted over two thousand participants comprising of people from different countries.

Speaking in an interview, Prophet J Banda described the event as the start of a new beginning.

“Our five years anniversary celebration marks the new beginning as we look forward to greater things that God has lined up to our ministry,” he said.

He also applauded Malawians living in South Africa for their solid support to the ministry in its years of existence.

Furthermore, the prophet revealed that he is also embarking on different projects including building a prayer garden that will be open to everyone. The project has already cost him over two hundred million kwacha and is expected to reach close to a billion kwacha upon completion.

Princess Chitsulo said she enjoyed her performance at the celebration. She expressed that she run short of words with the love people showed her and her music.

Maggie Mangani and Winnie Mlotha also described their performances as worth the joy.

Banda’s ministry attracts over thousands of people every Sunday with a lot of miracles, prophecies and winning souls to Christ happening. The church is located Rondabult Germiston, South Africa.