Woman collapses in NBS Bank: Poor ventilation and abhorrent customer care


A woman collapsed yesterday at NBS Bank in Mzuzu due to poor ventilation.

Customers said there was congestion in the NBS Bank branch and this was compounded by poor ventilation as there was no working air conditioner.

One of the customers Omega Bema told Malawi24 that the woman had been discharged from Mzuzu Central Hospital and went to the bank to withdraw money only to find that her account had been freezed.

While on the queue to the deputy manager’s office to register her concern, the woman fainted.  The bank had no first aid kit but the woman regained consciousness 20 minutes later.

Meanwhile, many customers in the city have also accused the bank of poor customer care.

According to Bema, the bank freezed his account saying he needed to update his account.

Despite updating the account details on numerous occasions, the bank is yet to allow him to access his account.

“This bank told us to update our accounts plus to change our ATM card to visa card. This process has cost us, imagine you wake up to find your account is deactivated and if you go to the bank they tell you to update your details again and again,” said the customer.

Last month, the bank said customers whose accounts are not in compliance with Reserve Bank of Malawi’s Know Your Customer requirements were blocked.

The move continues to affect many customers who use NBS to get their salaries as they have been unable to access their money with the bank demanding an extra update of their accounts.



  1. this is true.
    nane bank iyi yayamba kundbhowa panopo even SMS alert simagwira koma chonsecho ma k1350 athu akumatenga every month uwu ndiye umbava uja. visa card ya NBS ukakatengera ndalama pa bank ina ikumakutchrtcha k500 ….. goodbye NBS ubale wathu ubali bwino kalekale ukutha mopwetrka

    caring bank yaboza

  2. Mukutaniko kumeneko……Anzanu tinasekesa kale kale ma acc kumeneko ….
    NBS sizinthu….inu ma bank onsewa simukuwawona

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