Chakwera hailed for picking Mia as runningmate


Malawians have lauded Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera for selecting Sidik Mia as his runningmate for next year polls.

On Sunday, Chakwera announced the selection of Mia as his runningmate as time ticks fast to the next tripartite elections in 2019.

Sidik (left) picks Chakwera

Reacting to this publication’s Facebook post on the matter, 83 percent of commenters welcomed Chakwera’s pick with many describing it as commendable.

Chris Nalivata commented: “It’s a great idea. All the party machinery will now focus on campaigning rather than thinking who could be the runningmate. This will also motivate those who really wanted that combination to work so that they yield the desired results.”

“Quite a good move. The earlier the better. Mia is a humble person and has served Malawi well. The two should now begin how they plan to work together,” said Nduzi Maele.

Some Malawians felt Mia will help the party – which usually do well in the Central Region – garner votes in the Eastern Region and in the Lower Shire.

“It’s a good choice, ku Lower Shire komanso ku Eastern region MCP izapeza mavote (MCP will get votes in Lower Shire and Eastern Region) through Mia,” Patrick Nkhoma Kampeni.

While some commenters hailed Mia as a hard working person saying he will tirelessly campaign for the MCP.

“Mia is a hard working guy, campaign waiyambila patali together with his wife,” commented Arnold Chikuse.

However, some Malawians said Chakwera chose Mia because the former cabinet minister supports the party financially.

Charles Tosh Phiri said: “Mia has used money to buy this position.”

While Frank Mthyoka said: “Kupanda kusankha Mia ndie a MCP idya chani? (If Chakwera overlooked Mia, where would MCP get money?)” Asked Mthyoka.

Speaking last Sunday in Mangochi at a rally, Chakwera trashed accusations leveled against him over choosing Mia as a running mate claiming he is seeing a bright future working with Mia and said that is a greatest combination ever.

The leader of opposition also said he is a leader of everyone regardless of one’s religious beliefs as proved by the appointment of Mia who is a Muslim.