DPP declares war against CSOs

Charles kajoloweka

A rights activist says the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government has drafted a bill aimed at stifling the operations of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

The activists Charles Kajoloweka say government will table the bill in the next sitting of Parliament which starts Monday.

Charles kajoloweka
Kajoloweka: government has declared war

He said government will use the legislaton to hit back at civil society organisation that condemns bad governance including rampant corruption under President Peter Mutharika.

“A legislative bill on NGOs which has been secretly crafted to stiffle operations of NGOs in Malawi is coming before Parliament this November. We believe the bill is the regime’s desperate response to the critical civil society voice against bad governance including rampant corruption by/under President Mutharika and his regime,” he said.

Kajoloweka also accused former rights activists currently working with the Mutharika government of being behind the bill.

“What is more disheartening is the reality that fellow comrades who were staunch champions of the civil society rights movement in Malawi including the current Presidential Advisor on NGOs ( Mavuto Bamusi) and CEO of NGO board ( Voice Mhone) have turned against the very same cause they stood for.

“Today, they are architects of such bad laws. They declared war against civil society the very same day they joined the regime,” he said.

He then called on all Malawians and people of goodwill to stand up against the attack on non-governmental organisations.

According to a parliamentary order paper, at least 10 government bills will be debated during the forthcoming sitting of Parliament.

The bills are two constitutional amendment bills, tobacco industry bill, National Remuneration Commission amendment bill, Ombudsman amendment bill, Law Commission amendment bill, Malawi Human Rights Commission amendment bill, Corrupt Practices amendment bill and Phamarcy and Medicines Regulation bill.

Government will also table a Loan Authorisation bill which seeks to borrow money from OPEC for the improvement of water supply in Nkhata Bay.