Gandhi statue construction suspended

Gandhi statue

Government has suspended construction of the Mahatma Gandhi statue in Blantyre.

People found at the site on Monday told the local media that Malawi Government has ordered a stop to the construction of the statue.

Gandhi statue
India is constructing a Gandhi statue in Malawi

This follows pressure from activists who argue that Gandhi regarded Indians to be above black people and promoted white supremacy when he was in South Africa.

A group of young Malawians under the tag ‘Mahatma Gandhi statue must fall movement’ recently warned the Malawi government not to sell the country to foreigners just because of aid.

The group has been collecting signatures online and planned to obtain an injunction against erection of the statue.

“We would like to send a firm message to the government of Malawi and all political leaders that times have changed. We will no longer tolerate greed and being taken for granted.

“The present young generation of Malawi refuses to have this country sold out to foreigners for the purpose of aid and demands that we only be part of developments that maintain our dignity and honour. Stop selling our country and its pride for your short-sighted selfish agendas,” the group said in a recent statement.

Government of India is erecting the Gandhi statue at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Roundabout at Ginnery Corner as a condition for the construction of the Mahatma Gandhi Convention with a grant financing of USD10 million.