Bushiri’s Global Prophetic Tour bearing fruits: 2.7 millions souls saved to Jesus

Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Global Prophet Tour is already bearing fruits as 2.7 million souls have been won to Jesus so far.

Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri: I have won 2.5 million souls to Jesus

This represents a huge success to the body of Christ because Bushiri had projected to win 2 million souls by the end of this year.

In a statement released by Bushiri’s Communications Director Ephraim Nyondo, the Global Prophetic Tour was meant to win 2 million souls for Jesus Christ but, surprisingly, “we have already won 2.7 million people to Jesus Christ and we are still targeting more.”

Asked what measures do they put in place to quantify this, Nyondo said the church has a system of registering every person who presents himself/herself before the altar call to receive Jesus.

“Receiving Jesus is a process. It begins with being prayed for by the Prophet. Then our church ushers takes over by registering for purposes of following up and tabulation.

“They take them to our pastors who counsels them and also help them join our homecells where they attend regular Bible Studies to help them understand the word of God and also live in the word,” said Nyondo.

Among others, since being launched, the tour has seen the Prophet in USA, Dubai, South Korea, India, Kenya, Australia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi and many other parts of South Africa.

The tour, however, is still going on.

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