Activist Mtambo hits back at Mutharika

Timothy Mtambo

Timothy Mtambo, has hit back at President Peter Mutharika’s remarks that the protests flopped.

Mtambo, who is chairperson of Human Rights Defenders Coalition, has told the president to focus on addressing the demonstrators’ demands.

Upon his arrival from United States where he went to attend the 73rd session of United Nations General Assembly, Mutharika attacked the organisers of the demonstrations saying the low turnout was a sign that Malawians no longer trust them.

Timothy Mtambo
Mtambo: Has hit back at APM.

“I missed the massive demonstrations of 90 people in Blantyre and Zomba. It is a sign that these misguided people should know that Malawians want dialogue and not demonstrations.

“So I am really pleased to know that these demonstrations flopped and I hope this is the last time. Let’s work together as a country,” Mutharika said at Kamuzu International Airport.

But reacting to the president’s remarks, Mtambo advised Mutharika to respond to the petition saying they will never stop holding his government accountable.

“You better start responding to people’s petition Mr President and stop mocking suffering Malawians. You and your team are embarrassed because you failed to stop the demos in the Southern Region.

“You do not own any part of this country. This propaganda of yours will not better the lives of Malawians. Address corruption and massive executive thieving in your government. Do not run away from issues Mr President!!! We will continue holding you and your government accountable without fear or favour,” Mtambo wrote on his Facebook wall.

After presenting their petition, the protesters gave Mutharika 90 days to respond to their concerns saying if he fails they will demonstrate again.

Some of the demands in the petition include ensuring independence of MACRA, MBC and ACB, tabling of electoral reforms, ending blackouts, dealing with attacks on persons with albinism and ending shortage of medicine in hospitals.



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