Students condemn DPP

Patricia Kaliyati

A Chancellor College movement of female students called Prism has condemned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for assaulting Mulanje West Member of Parliament Patricia Kaliati within Parliament premises in Lilongwe.

Kaliati was assaulted by DPP supporters when President Peter Mutharika was opening the 47th session of Parliament on Friday.

Patricia Kaliyati
DPP condemned for assaulting Kaliati.

Prism says the barbaric act is deplorable as it has happened a few days after the country launched the 50-50 campaign to inspire and encourage more women to participate in politics and to fight violence against women and girls in Malawi.

“The assault of Hon Kaliati is in direct contrast to this campaign and all other commitments that we have made, as a country, to address the increasing gender disparities in politics,” says Prism in a statement.

According to the statement, Prism has noted that these attacks were executed in President Peter Mutharika’s name and support of his candidacy even though they were not sanctioned by the president.

“It is against this fact that we humbly call upon the President to publicly condemn his supporters and all those in DPP high ranks who had a hand in these horrendous acts of violence. We would like to see those involved disciplined to send a message that attacks against women for exercising their political rights duly granted by the Constitution have no room in Malawi.

“The president’s silence is likely to be interpreted by the instigators of the violence as an endorsement and therefore a continuation of these attacks will continue to find refuge. This will maintain the status quo by scaring more women from politics,” says the statement.

The movement which inspire and empower young women across the country has since asked all people in the country to ensure that women in Malawi are not intimidated for exercising their constitutional rights.



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  1. Nvula ikagwa kuchuluka zolilalira!!! Nanunso ma kape enanu amu DPP simungama pewe zinazi? Nokha simukuona kuti ma action ena mukupankhawa akuapezesa anthu zonena? Simumasusana kodi musanapange zinthu?

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