Chanthunya’s case yet to go to court

Misozi Chanthunya

Murder suspect Masozi Chanthunya is yet to appear before court, a week after being extradited from South Africa.

Ministry of justice and constitutional affairs spokesperson Pilirani Masanjala said the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) is yet to finalize process for the case to go to the high court.

Misozi Chanthunya
Chanthunya: yet to appear before court.

“I cannot disclose when, but it’s a short process that is to take few days,” said Masanjala.

Chanthunya is suspected to have murdered his girlfriend Linda Gasa in Mangochi in 2010.

When Gasa was found buried under concrete bathtub at Chanthunya’s cottage, the suspect fled to South Africa but was arrested a few months later.

Eight years down the line, a South African court ruled that Chanthunya be sent back home to answer murder charges.

Meanwhile, Chanthunya is reported to be in police custody pending court appearance.