Muslims urged to pray for good rains


Muslims in the country have been told to pray for good rains in the current growing season.

The call was made by Sheikh Maqsood Bwanali at Gologota masjid in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

According to Sheikh Bwanali, every Muslim in the country should have a responsibility to ask Allah (God) for the good rains so that crops in Malawi should grow well.


“It is the responsibility of every Muslim to pray for good rains so that Allah (God) may give us good rains. We may be doing this individually in each and every prayer five times daily,” Sheikh Bwanali said.

He added that it can be great if Muslims in the country organised a day to hold a special prayer asking Allah to give Malawi good rains.

“I haven’t heard anywhere Muslims holding special prayers for good rains. It can be great if we can do this since Allah (God) can hear our voice coherently. As for now, I can just urge every Muslim in the country to be doing in each and Swalaat (prayer).” Sheikh Bwanali said.

Recently, President Peter Mutharika asked people in the country to pray for good rains.

In a State House statement that was released, the president said Malawians should pray for good rains, a productive rainy season and an end to dry spells in some areas of the country

On natural disasters happening during the current rainy season, Mutharika said Malawians should support victims of the disasters and pray for them.

The Malawi leader called upon the faith community and all Malawians to take part in the prayers.

Some parts of the country are not receiving good rains and there are fears that many Malawians will be affected by hunger this year.


19 thoughts on “Muslims urged to pray for good rains

  1. This iswhy africa is poor..we need to stop causing climate change..we need to plants lota of trees…do not pray for rains atall…

    This is why some deeply religious countries are also yhe liberia..they were praying for ebola to end..instead of just improvig gyhiene and stopp getting contact with contaminated corpse and other culturql practices..god did not put a requirement to pray to him to receive anythong on else..we gave use the brain which cam be used to feed th body and bring comforts.

  2. But its too late mapemphero mukanayamba mvula isanayambe kugwa kumupempha ambuye agwetse mvula yambili osamadikila zivute ndiye ambuye tithandizeni aaaa

  3. aplezdent kumatuma anthu ena kut aznyoza azawo like mbc tv ,mbc radio kumapeka mabodza kumanyoza azanu vula ingabwele?

  4. Bad ruling gverment,blood surkers,blak out ,killing of un inocent pippo,kumanga anthu osauka okha akalakwa mabwana ayi.

  5. Allah is possessor of All mankind’s, so there is no reason to hung up for something that u need to begging to him. Supplicates to Allah for every struggle u have been committed. Prayer is the best than to give up.

    1. Not too late madzi ndi ofunika pamoyo munthu ngati isabwere mvula zambiri zivuta maka ife akumudzi mwina Akutown nu koma ife madzi akumwa timadalira mitsinje

    2. Not Only Kumwa,nanga Mmadimba? Mvula Yangoyenera Kubwela Ndithu.Komaso Pali Mbewu Zina Monga Mbatata Zikhoza Kuchita Bwino..So Its Not Too Late

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