Schools yet to receive books for new curriculum


Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) has expressed concern over government’s delay to supply books for the new school secondary school curriculum in schools across the country.

TUM spokesperson Charles Kumchenga said it is worrisome that the circulation of the new learning materials has not been yet begun.

Kumchenga: We are worried

He explained that this delay will among others affect the students’ performance more especially those who are expected to sit for Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations this year.

“We cannot expect students who are preparing to sit for their 2018 Malawi School Certificate of Education exams to perform. I don’t think this can happen to our present students, more need to be done,” he said.

Kumchenga therefore asked government to provide the learning materials in all the schools since failure to do so will only affect the quality of the country’s education and the government will be blamed if this continues to happen.

He added that government should drop the new curriculum if it cannot manage to provide learning materials to schools.

The new secondary school curriculum was rolled out by the ministry of education in the 2015/16 academic year.

Government with a K7 billion funding from African Development Bank awarded a tender to ICTC Malawi and Mallory-Maneno to supply textbooks for the new curriculum.

Some of the textbooks under the tender arrived in the country in December last year

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  1. Just live the old curriculum if your find it difficult to bring the new curriculum, after all the old curriculum was good. It seems like government is not ready to change the syllabus, they are just wasting our time!

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