Lucius Banda apologises

Soldier Lucius Banda

Veteran musician Soldier Lucius Banda has apologised.

Writing on Facebook, Lucius said sorry to all Malawian women for the Ndizakupanga rape song which he described as a bad song.

Lucius Banda
Soldier: Sorry to all Malawian women.

“On behalf of this young man let me apologise and plead to all relevant authorities to allow this boy make a public apology to all and be whipped into the right path,” Lucius said.

The veteran musician also condemned the song saying it is promoting rape. He added that as a father of a male child he has a responsibility to help the “poor boy” Chavura to make music “that will be good and sensible to the society”.

“As a father I have a duty to protect my daughter against such thoughts as the one promoted by the bad song,” he added.

Chavula’s controversial rape song has caused outrage with many people condemning him on social media while human rights groups called for his arrest.

Police told the local media on Thursday that they were hunting for the musician.


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  1. Amangidwe ameneyo….nyimbo yake wayalutsa kwambiri azimayi ndipo chisoni sichikuyenera kukhalaposo pamenepa…..ANYONGEDWE BASI……chonde inu a POLICE athu gwirani ntchito pa m’nyamata opusa ngat ameneyu..nyimbo yose kumangotukwana basi…iyeyo akufuna kukhala ngat ndani?ali ndi mayi ake koma oyimba ameneyu?ANYONGEDWE MWACHANGU

  2. The song is encouragee rape
    .it cant be dance to listened to the message is of bad taste..the writter of the song is coming across as promoting sincere and apologise dont try to fool people that there was a part two of the song in which the guy realised he was wrong and apologies and was arrested by police..part two is gonna be a reality in which chavula will face justice..HOWEVER IN HIS DEFENCE…AN ARTIST IS FREE TO REALEASE HIS MATERIAL ON ANY TOPIC..WEATHER CRIME OR SEX OR RAPE..DRAMA ACTORS..TV…RADIO PLAYS..NOVELS..BOOKS…WRITE ABOUT RAPE TOO…LIKE ICECUBE SAYS ” bervery hill has a shotgun why do u get upset coz i gat one”, also american hiohop artist eminems lyrics were defenced by a lawyer that just as any other artitist song writers too must be free to write about anything because it is just fiction or an art..nobody blaimed du chisiza when he used to act drama in which people killed eachother. The song is of bad taste and it is sick however i do not think its is against the law…regulations must require artisist to issue a verbal and wrtten warning about th3 song..i personally think society should not play his song or suppprt the artist and should demonstrate agaibst it..until je apologises and such material is remove every where.if 5his doesnt happen please just remember that the law does not make it illegal to create a piece of art which offends others or write a story which has criminal acts in it. We really need to educate all our artist that this isnt bronx or staten islan in newyork but it is malawi a third world country where society is sensitive and more traditional and currently leqrning how to respect women and protect theirrr mot saying chavula should be sent to maula so tjat se can get raped in the ass without vaseline
    Im only saying thereee should be education and artist must slow down on what they sing

    There would be one day all things that happen in western cultures will be the norm here howeverr we are not yet therr and we arent dying to be like them.

  3. It sounds boring when u bring news without details,to my side instead of trying to open the link I get expelled.try to check out if this system is good in the 21st centuary

  4. Ndingomuimbira ndekha ndimufunse kut akuti umapepeza chani nawe.. Bingu anatiphunzitsa kuti kupepesa ndikupusa munthu wa mmuna sapepesa mbwiyache….kumbwa mbwana kumeneko kugodomara kapena kuti kuhohowana….

    1. Lucious ndi tate wa oimba pa malawiiii pano nde mu sanathane mau mpite ku page yake I kufotokoza zonse momveka bwino,,,,ine sindikuona po vuto koma ndikuona kuli pali umunthu ndipo iziii walankhula zulo ndithutu!!

    2. Ndie anthu amve kupepesa kwa ndani pakati pa chavula ndi Lucius ??? Mundiuza kupepesa kwa chavula anthu sanamve andi Ku page kwake ngati ungakwanitse kuliso comment yanga

  5. ndzakupanga rape/pakamwa ndzamata nd tape/uzalilira help kkkkkkkk nymbo ili bwno iyi…..kma musamumange plz

  6. ndzakupanga rape/pakamwa ndzamata nd tape/uzalilira help kkkkkkkk nymbo ili bwno iyi…..kma musamumange plz

  7. Respect for the soldier’s diplomacy:
    besides the prejudice, chavula’s song is diabolical but not encouraging rape in anyway, my opinion.

    And an arrest is just way too outrageous for a country that claims to respect right of expression…. Pity.

  8. Kodi mukaika nkhani ndikungoidula chonchi mumafuna kuti tiziti bwanji ifeyo owelengafe mumaona ngati mutatambasulako pang’ono sitingabwele pa page yanu ndikumaliza kuwelenga nkhani yonse….?zimenezi zichepe 2018 muzitipasako chithunzithunzi cha nkhani osati kutikuluwika apa ai

  9. He must face the music he’s big idiot!. Don’t let him get away with it he deserve harsh punishment for other idiots to take a lesson.This is not Jamaica ndizakugwilira must fall!!

    1. That’s how Internet business run bro mukufuna kumva nkhani for mahala?? ???? ndiye sibwenzi Bushiri ali Billionaire.

    2. You’re idiot Prince timapeleka chisanzo even kwa atumiki Amulungu onziwika bwino who’s Bushiri kuti asatchulidwe?.

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