No more money from US to Malawi energy sector


The struggling Malawi energy sector gets another blow.

The second round of US funding to Malawi under the Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) has not been granted.

Monster: Malawi’s current compact will end in September.

A December 2017 meeting of the MCC Board of Directors resolved that Malawi should not be given another round of funding.

Public Affairs Officer in the US embassy Edward Monster said Malawi would have to look into a number of areas if they are to qualify in future.

“Selection for a second compact is not automatic. Second compacts are very competitive and subject to higher expectations,” he has been quoted by the local media.

Monster said  Malawi’s current compact will end in September this year.

US Ambassador to Malawi Virginia Palmer has lately expressed concern with how the government of Malawi is working on fighting corruption especially in project procurement.

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