Muslim legal expert dies


One of the leaders of Muslims in Malawi Mufti Abbas Qassim has died.

Qassim was until his death supreme leader of the Council of Muslim Scholars and Sheikhs in Malawi.

Dinala Chabulika
Sheikh Chabulika: Mufti Abbas died in the morning hours of Wednesday.

Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said Mufti Abbas died in the morning hours of Wednesday at Mangochi District Hospital.

Malawi24 caught up with Malawi Defence Force Muslims Chaplain Major Sheikh Saad Malovu who said Mufti Abbas contributed a lot to Malawi Muslims.

According to Major Sheikh Malovu, Mufti Abbas taught many sheikhs who are preaching about Islam in the country.

“Mufti Abbas will be remembered for his several achievements in as far as Malawi Muslims are concerned. He has taught many sheikhs in the country and May Allah reward him and offer him paradise,” Major Sheikh Malovu told Malawi24.

The remains of Mufti Abbas will be laid to rest on Thursday at Qassim Village, Traditional Authority Chowe in Mangochi.

Mufti is an Arabic word that means a Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters.



  1. Innaa lillahi wa innaa ilayhi Raajiuun.

    my Humble TRIBUTE to the departed Sheikh ABBAAS QAASIM

    In concurring with the MDF’s muslim-chaplain Sheikh Saad Malovu, the late Grand Mufti of Malawi Sheikh #AbbasQaasim was (and remains) the most revered Muslim scholar/ teacher/preacher Malawi has ever had.

    It is fact that; all top (learned/qualified) sheikhs ( esp indigenous) in the country including; the current MAM chairman Sheikh Bilaal Idriss Muhammad , Sheikh/Dr Imran Shareef, Sheikh/Dr Salmin Omar, Sheikh Muhammad Osman Ntalika, (Sheikh Umar Wachi -late) Sheikh Ibrahim Matola, Sheikh Chabulika, Sheikh Kennedy, Sheikh Silika, Sheikh Kamsuli -et al, not forgetting the chaplain (Sheikh Malovu) himself, are the direct pupils if not second or third generation students of this highly revered Sheikh #AbbaasQaasim.

    His religious knowledge and influence spans across Malawi borders particularly around the Southern African region, though his countless protégés. This being the utmost Sadaqat-Al-Jaaria Sheikh #AbbasQaasim will enjoy for eternity.

    May Allah AzzaWaJalla delete all his short-comings, may Allah brighten, enlarge, beautify and deodorize his Qabr with best scents and sweet fragrances of Jannat. May his abode in Jannat be of the highest grade (Firdous) InsaAllah. Aameen – Yaa Rabb!

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