Bushiri chased from Botswana again


The relationship between Malawian Pastor Shepherd Bushiri and the government of Botswana continues being unsteady.

After being declared persona non grata in May 2017, Botswana has once again hit on Bushiri.

Shepherd Bushiri

Bushiri’s Church closed in Botswana.

The Botswanan government has this time closed down Bushiri’s Church, the Enlightened Christian Gathering.

A Minister in the government of Botswana, Edwin Batshu, has confirmed the development to the president in the country.

The Minister said the ECG church has been closed for its continued violation of the law in terms of fake money.

It is alleged that Bushiri’s church is involved in miracle money which the Botswana government consider illegal.

The Minister says no ECG branch will operate in Botswana and has since ordered that even homecell meetings of the Church should cease and desist.

However ECG Church officials in Botswana have appealed to Minister Batshu to reconsider the decision.

This is the second time for Bushiri to be on the wrong side of the government of Botswana.

In May 2017 Bushiri was stopped from entering into Botswana days ahead of a planned conference at which he was to be a main speaker.





  1. Guyz Ndnamva Kt Bushiri Akt Mvuto Lakuzimazima Kwa Magets Atha Kuthananar Kwa 24 Hous Ndzonad Km Kutha Kwa 24 Hour Yokha Ndiuzen Chonde?

  2. In a particular interview, it was mention that he does not have a church in his home country…and went like “Malawians believe in God and south Africans believe in miracles” is that real???

  3. And many people are pointing out false prophets but none is pointing the true ones. Does it mean there are no true prophet these days.

  4. Hahahahahaha I dont under stand what u mean? Ngakhalenso inu Mr Magwira ndinu man of God chifukwa tonse tikubulira ufumu wa kumwamba ndipo palibe walowa kale kumwamba.Ndipo tonse tikadzamwalira oweludza wathu ndi mmodzi ndiye Mulungu.Be careful remember we are in the last days.Others they come to in the name of Jesus.Mind u blessed are those people who will do his work.

  5. Yesu ndiye mwini wa gold, silver and anything, pamene amati cha kaisara chipite kwa kaisara chamulungu chipite kwa mulungu amangofuna kupanga peace ndi mufumu adxiko lapansi bible limati mverani olamulira adziko lapansi and remember palimbe miracle yomwe satana angapange mulungu kuyilephera komano kuti mulungu dzake za original

  6. Abwna inu za Mulungu mumadzidziwa bwino kodi ndalama zimagwirizana bwanji ndi ufumu wa Mulungu? Ngakhale Yesu ananeneratu kuti za Kaisara zipite kwa Kaisara ndipo za Mulungu zipite kwa Mulungu.Ndifuse inuyo bwana Magwira kuti ndipati pamene Yesu anangonena kuti Amen ndipo munthu ndikukhala Nyumba yapamwamba kapena Kalimoto? Ofuna kupita kwa Bushiri apite bc owo ndi ufulu wao.

  7. Please am appealing to all people that we must avoid bad or any evil language about man of GOD, if I may ask you who accuse bushiri of doing evil, can you show me evidence and beware to accuse man of GOD is dangerous and you can receive curse

  8. He is not fake…but Govt of botwana is supecting him..of having dubious mines in there country…yet Ban EcG branches in botswana….thinking that members of ECG are smuggling precious stones also..
    Ita all about jealous on how Bushiri is doing well Ecomomically…kkkkkno wonders even Jesus rejected..not only jesus but many propjerts/man of God……..anywae God knws…

  9. He si not fake…but Govt of Botwasana is suspecting him of having dubious mines in there country…uet burn ECG..branches in botswana….thing that members of ECG are smuggling precious stones……
    Its all about jealous…on how eonomically Buishiri is doing good…anyway God knws

  10. What a powerful Angel Gabriel crossover night we had at FNB stadium on 31st December few days ago full parked no space left major 1 ndi Major1 indeed noone can stop the hand of God from operation .

  11. Whether true or fake i love him he saved my life,His God is a living one.remember it needs revelation to understand spiritual world even Jesus to others was a mare person son of Joseph, others magician for the miracles, while those with revelation recognized Jesus as saviour, son of most high, watch out when speaking things pertaining to any man of God except yourself for you surely know that you are a sinner, repent!!! to judge is divine.wishing Major1 long life to win more souls, and more worth to prove that God is owner of silver and God.

  12. Zili Mkanthu Ngat,kaya Amalalika Mwachiphamaso,kaya Mowona,malinga Mkuti Khristu Akulalikidwa,pamenepo Ine Ndkukonda, Philipians 1:18 Kkkkk Paja Ndi Major Ndipo Jesus Ndi Mr Yesu..Ohhh NO,,,

  13. He’s tired wt Rands now he’s running for Pula yoooooh wrong parking that’s Botswana my dea play yr games in S.Africa there where U r going now U will yaluka now…….

  14. Count it all joy when a man of God goes through such challenges and temptations…..Our God is aGod of miracles and no mortal man can put a law against the very nature of God (/miracle working )….we wll pray for that minister to receive his own miracle money next time…..only fools can think they can restrict God ….if He is able to heal then He can also give you money ..If He can be able to protect you then he can also also take care of all your needs ….if he did it to the children of Israel then he is alsa able to do it to you and. Me after all the Bible says He is the same yesterday ..today and forever …He is a Big God .. ….

    • When Jesus came on earth , He came for the sinners; see what the Bible teachers us. Even the time of Jesus there was money. He did not come on earth to be rich. Look what prophets of today does, doing things contrary to what the bible say. Be warned, Jesus never charged any one in order to see him. It there in the Bible?

  15. U can fool malawians cux we just fools and south Africans bt not botswana’s doesn’t tolarate shit my everyday prayers its for u bushiri rot In hell were u belong Satan

  16. If Bushiri born in Israel most you, you hate him would accept him with full heart but because he born Malawi you don’t trust him. History tell us prophets never loved in his home land. So this doesn’t surprises me. Good on you will realise it too too late that God gave you prophet but you didn’t see it same way as Israelis missed Jesus on their nose

  17. Do u know that miracles happen to everyone whether u believe it or not? Ask me how and I will let u know. But South Africa loves miracles more than any other country in the world. The only problem is that they don’t know the word but crave for them

  18. BUSHIRI IS NOT A SATANIST,THOSE FOLLOWING HIM ARE THE SATANISTS. Bushiri doesn’t use guns to get his money, you ignorantly go to him and give all your hard earned cash to buy his so called miracles.The Bible made it clear that in the last days, only the fools will be robbed off. Masiku odyera opusa ndi ano.A Mlaka Maliro chamba lero chawapindulira akuti ndi a Prophet nawo….Shame.

  19. playing a loosing game, pipo from botswana they love my prophet and they shall continue loving him and supporting distance wont b a barrier even if the close the church pipo they will receive the good news and their miracles through social midea to me l can say these pipo they r playing a loosing game no one will stop the spread of the gospel

  20. Kodi iyeyo akukakamila ku Botswanako kuli anthu ochimwa ambiri kapena akufunako chuma, osapita ku North Korea Kapena Ku USA? kapena mayiko a nkhondo akawalalikire uthenga wa mtendele iye amangolimbikira kulipilitsa machilinso a matenda ndikumapeleka machenje kwa osauka bwa?

  21. You cant throw stones a tree which has bad fruits but the one with good fruits, Bushiri is a man of God let the Satan talk fake stories about him but they shall fail.Even time Jesus people were talk and test,when he was on the cross others were said ( if you are Child of God get out of the cross we want to see).It is not new for a person who is doing job of God to meet such challenges.We are all waiting his time he will Judge but not you.

    • Chikhulupililo cha inu even Jesus atabwera lero nkukuuzani kuti Bushiri is fake mukhonza kumunyozabe.Ndi Mulungu yekha amene amamuyendetsa munthu munjira yoyenera let’s pray to be lead by God.

    • 1 Timothy 4:1 Now the spirit speaketh expressly, but latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. (2) Speaking lies in hypocrisy having their conscience seared with a hot iron. 2 Thessalonians 2:11and 12 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie. 12 That all might damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. #Innocent #Mchawa dont fool yourself please you need to know the bible. The devil is taking advantage of us because we dont know the bible. Bushiri preaches prosperity gospel and prosperity gospel is straight from the devil

    • mawu amenewo #kapukwa. bushiri is materialistic and extravagant, idnt recal anyone inthe bible paying appointment fee to aprophet, how Many poor people praying to God For Daily Bread Would Have Benefited From The 300milion Plus Insurance Expenses He Spent Buying The Car For His Son??

    • Kuli kuyaluka chaka chinooo all Bushiri followers r in trouble the truth is getting revealed this is 2018 watch out….. we no longer sleep anymore. ..

    • Nobody has got ability to judge another in spiritual life. Judgement is from GOD. Who r u to judge that he is a man of God or he is fake?

  22. ECG church in Pretoria majority is From Botswana so dnt wrry people its only the government and probably the President who doesn’t want him so munthu mmodzi sangalimbane ndi khwimbi!

  23. Ndikumbuka bwino lomwe all the Bushiri followers always said prophet salemakezedwa mdera la kwawo ndiye tizit Ku Botswana’ ko ndi kwawo? Ayi ndithu basi tingot business yake Bushiriyo yatsika pansi coz Ku Botswana ndi kwa ndalama kkkkkkk

  24. Dont judge him kut he work for devil the judgement day will be the day 2 judge him when jesus christ come kmaso enanu mumuzwe yesu mukupanga commentnu

  25. Chomwe mumadzi nd bushiri bas iye asapange kalikonse mwamuika pa news anatolakwa kukhala mmalawi nd zausiru mupangazo musiyen azipanga zomwe akuziwa inunso mupange zanu zot dziko likuziwen

    • Arguing without evidence it’s just waste of time.He got brainwashed followers from Botswana but they are not more than SA’s members.If you still insist prove it now.

    • South Africans are easily fooled. Another prophet was born there in the name of DD Isaac or something and it is said this prophet is above Bushiri😂😂

    • Pepho don’t waste your time here arguing without proof give me total number of followers from SA and Botswana and I will give u mine full stop

    • No gov in the world has aright to ban a church becz of miracles ..this has to be condemned in strongest terms …where is freedom of worship in all this…God is aGod of miracles if you ban a church bcz of miracles then you are fool becz you wll never succeed to stop the operation of The almighty God who created the whole universe

    • Peter don’t fool ppo here every country has own it’s constitution to run their country.Its not every country have freedom of worship dude.

      • Prop. Bushiri is a threat to them. How can they say that miracle money is fake money ? The money that Jesus took from the fish belly, was it fake? The food that Jesus gave to 5000 people and 12000 people in another instant from few loaves of bread and few fishes, were there fake food ? How can a sane human being call the supernatural fake. I am sure they are scared and they think Bushiri will influence thier political position.
        I want to conclude that they have succeeded in making him extraordinarily popular because every one needs miracle money. I need mine now!!

    • Open mind my foot …if they are open minded why are they closing down a church there by suppressing peoples freedom of worship …Mr kazembe …your choice of church can never be my choice the sooner you people accept that the better …don’t force all of us to join your church or religion just bcz in your head u think is the right one neither can you call some people fools becz they choose to differ with you on the kind of church they go to or religion…. bushiri has never forced anyone not even the people of Botswana to join his church get that into your head …the people who are going to suffer are his followers who are Botswana citizens not Bushiri….why are so many people including these little gov so threatened by this one man..????..whether He is real or not is not for you to judge….let the people see for themselves …..

    • Mr Peter you must know that it’s responsibility of any government to protects it’s citizens.If Bushiri’s church is violeting constitution of Botswana it’s duty of Botswana’s gvnmnt to deal with it.Bushiri is or Botswana it’s not first parties to fall in this situation there is lots of individuals who call themselves pastors who have been banned to go in certain country.And there is lots of countries that banned churches b4 do your search again or I will give you good examples of these.

    • Kkk akuti the security that even a president can never have?kodi munthu ogailidwa chinthu amapatsidwa zambiri kuposa mwini?ma president asilikali atha kukhala nawo momwe angafunile pomwe bushiri amangotapilidwa.

    • Koma mtima wakenso ndikhulupilira unapangidwanso security yokwanilatu usakhale mtima wake womwe tilinawo tonsefewu obwelekawu……

    • By grace of God military security are provided to him..mo one can ask…Govt security in a foriegn or in ur own country…..and military security aint there beouse of his richness no……Example…rihanna is very rich person..but went to uganda…no gvt military were provided like….wat Govt dd to bushiri…its all about Grace…..thats all…

      And to have physical security is not a sin….Guyz……if deciples of jesus were keeping
      swords and pangas while jesus was with them…so wat more Bushir…while jesus is in heven……why deciples were keeping thise kind of weapins…and i can even see…peter cut one ear of some one who came to catch jesus……wat peter dd was physical protection……….we cant be careless because God is in control….

      And many are wicked…..may u want him to walk without body guards or security so that u can kill him..like wat u dd..to jesus?………to have securty is not a sin Guyz….

      Everything is probided by God..whever physically or spiritually

  26. Why people always fighting with people who spread the message of God,an not taking about Bushiri but all prophet including Jesus him self while politician killing people but you live them why? Its not you but satan

    • Don’t judge, Cause I God iwill judge you why don’t you preach the gospel to world for the sake of this people who don’t believe Jesus, wowww ngati uyaka wauwisi kulibwanji wowuma adzakuchitilani zomwezi mneneri sadzakhala mneneri mdziko lakwawo let’s stop pointing fingers let pray to God for our sin palibe mmodzi olungama

    • What message does he preach about? Miracle money? He preaches about storing treasure on earth and that is not the gospel of Jesus. The gospel of Jesus is about Salvation and about storing treasure in Heaven.

    • Hahahaaaaa ppo who spread message of God you’re including Bushiri? 😂😂 ppo are blind and deaf they don’t know the different btwn preacher and robbers .Bushiri is not preaching the words of our Almighty father he’s robbing ppo in the name of God.

    • How can pastor charge his members to pay money for water he calls it its anointed water he’s selling it R250 per 250 mls.He charged R25 000 to anyone who want to sit next to him.I have just head he have introduced a decent shoe R15 000 per pare.

    • patrick jesus was denied by his own people. bushiri was not denied in malawi he came to south coz thats where money is and wanted to make good business if he was in malawi sanakalemera like that. he went to try out in south and it worked for him not that we hate him but we question what he does. south kuno anthu ake ngokondadi zamamiracles and very easy to convice. here people are mad about him like no mans business but akuwalemelera akuona while christian are giving their all to him. he sells prayer book manuls, he writes books sells them, anointing oil, has a network psb, jets, he has his own drink that he sell called favour, he does a forex business and other businesses if it malawi sakanakwanisa izi so its business here but the church members are busy shouting i receive hahaha this guy knows church and private businesses

    • DO your best guy ECG is all over the world any church organisation need money that is why other churches they make paper Sunday, festival, big work, many fundraising to push forward ministry

    • Tizingokangana apa za ziii! pajatu aliyense azakagona yekha ku manda ndipo azakayankha yekha mafunso osamayiwala zimenezi……..so tiyeni tiziunikile tokha before we judge others aliyense apange focus pa mpingo wake osati mukhale busy ndi Bushiri ayi iyeyo ngolengedwa ndi mulungu ngat ife tomwe ngat akuchita zolondola only god knows koma ngati zoipa mulungunso akuona ndthu tsono ine ndi inu tikakhala busy ndizimenezi tizichedwa as i said aliyense azakayankha malinga ndi zitchito zake ndipo tikuyenela kudziwa kt ngat kuli chinthu chowawa nde ndi imfa bac ndipo tifune olo tisafune aliyense azalawa imfa……..Prepare yourself brothers and sisters