Bushiri chased from Botswana again


The relationship between Malawian Pastor Shepherd Bushiri and the government of Botswana continues being unsteady.

After being declared persona non grata in May 2017, Botswana has once again hit on Bushiri.

Shepherd Bushiri

Bushiri’s Church closed in Botswana.

The Botswanan government has this time closed down Bushiri’s Church, the Enlightened Christian Gathering.

A Minister in the government of Botswana, Edwin Batshu, has confirmed the development to the president in the country.

The Minister said the ECG church has been closed for its continued violation of the law in terms of fake money.

It is alleged that Bushiri’s church is involved in miracle money which the Botswana government consider illegal.

The Minister says no ECG branch will operate in Botswana and has since ordered that even homecell meetings of the Church should cease and desist.

However ECG Church officials in Botswana have appealed to Minister Batshu to reconsider the decision.

This is the second time for Bushiri to be on the wrong side of the government of Botswana.

In May 2017 Bushiri was stopped from entering into Botswana days ahead of a planned conference at which he was to be a main speaker.



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