Fischer not quitting footie: to be MP-Player

Fischer Kondowe

Veteran footballer Fischer Kondowe has ruled out fears he could be retiring from active football having announced he will be contesting for a parliamentary seat in the next polls.

Kondowe who is Bullets’ longest serving player will be contesting for the post in Blantyre city south constituency.

Fischer Kondowe
Fischer Kondowe: I am not quitting football.

He faces competition from current lawmaker Allan Ngumuya, fellow football legend Peter Mponda, former MP Moses Kunkuyu and Fawzia Osman.

But Kondowe has since said the switch to politics will not see him away from the field of play.

“I am not quitting football. In fact I am going to play for Bullets in the forthcoming season,” says Kondowe.

He has since indicated that his plan to contest for the post is merely in the faith of willing to develop the area.

“I have no problems with the other contestants, all I need is that our area develops,” he says.

Mponda, who is Malawi national football team manager, announced of the decision to contest for the seat weeks ago.

The news has since placed the constituency in the limelight ahead of the 2019 elections.

With Kondowe indicating he is not hanging up his boots, it will mean he is the oldest player taking part in Malawi’s football in the meantime.

The midfielder played for Bullets (then Bakili Bullets) from 2002-05 before joining South Africa’s Bush Bucks for a year after which he sealed a move to Black Leopards and got loaned out to Bloemfontein Celtic in 2008. At Black Leopards he played until 2011.

He has been with the national team since 2002 according to internet sources. Throughout those years Kondowe has been a fixture on the wings for the Malawi national team.

His profile on FIFA’s website indicates that he has been involved in 35 matches out of which the national team, the Flames, managed to win 21, losing 8 and registering 6 draws.



  1. Am one of Mabankers supporter and i don’t see any problem with someone who’s having dred. That’s y Malawi will never do good because of jealous sometimes may be guy doesn’t belong to our team now we talk lots of braaaa braaaa …….

  2. in paliament english is a must…muziziwa a honourable Jah man,
    kumapangira zinthu fodya is forbbiden in hon house…..mwina mukapange 100% regalization of hempo

    1. But Although English Is A Must By If U Cn Go Through The August House, Some Mps Were Just Quite As They Dont Speak, But Stil We Cherish Them As Mps And We Pay Them By The End Of The Month. Fischer Can Be Better Than Those, Trust Me He Wil Speak In The Parliament Beyond Our Expectations.

    2. guys, schooling is not only participating in class; we have a lot who did go to sch like Jahman but r ale to spek good english. Just find someone and teach u

    3. Ophunzilanu mukulephela kulitukula dziko la malawi, ma blackout,cashgate,nkhwidzi,kudzikundikila…………. let him contest and he will make it no dought

  3. This is total madness! how would he manage the two assignments? Typical of a spliff infested lad! House of assembly needs people who understand the constitution and holistic issues locally and internationally! people who can make logical and substantial arguments it never stops to amaze to see malawians voting for people like joseph tembo, billy kaunda, winoko-the-out-right-mental case, now we hear of peter mponda and this weed eater, really? no

    1. So U Guys U Hav Not Yet Travelled Becoz So Many Majestic Bosses They Take Weed, By They Stil Managing The Whole Company. So Dont Take Him As The One Who Will Controlling The World, He Wil Be Just An Mp For A Small Area.

  4. Mmmm definitely azaxiya akawina u MP wo…. Panopa sangasiye in case ataluza nde azasowa chotita…..(kma mbali akuyimira very competitive zot angawine mmmmm)

    1. Mmmm nt that easy….. Coz kukhuyu made a very big impact ndipo a2 amamudandaura kt 2014 sanayimire kumeneku nde panopa akuyima…. And he is against ngumuya 2 hu is also in DPP…..

    1. Wabodza iwe,lucius sapita ku ma show nthawi ya campain?nsanje yangokula apa,the likes of Billy kaunda,Joseph tembo even lucius banda sanatsiye kuimba cause of u Mp

    2. Show u control urself according to ur plans pamene club tht is another company koditu ntchito yotumikla anthu siyophweka madala this is un welcomed idea if h really serious

    3. ma team achsilikali amawalora ma player awo kukagwla ntchto zaboma ola atakhala kut alind ma game ovuta, zisakuwawen nd choice yake

    4. Ku utsilikali kuli nthawi ya sports and every soldier always encouraged to take part in sports activities to maintain body fitness hence no bad effects unlike members of parliament……anyway inuyo anzathu tatiuzani mkutiko pafziko lapansi kunachitikapo zimenezi

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