Livestock farmers irk drivers

Drivers who use M5 road have expressed worry over livestock which roam freely on the road.

The animals such as cattle, goats and sheeps are regularly found on the road making driving difficult and increasing chances of accidents.

Malawi24 caught up with one of the drivers who use the road from Salima to Mangochi and he expressed concern over the development.

The driver, Saeed Ali, said animal owners along the road don’t take care of their animals hence the livestock go on the roads unnecessarily.

“Driving between Salima and Mangochi is always difficult because cattle, sheep and goats are found on the roads and owners don’t even care about the lives of road users,” Ali told Malawi24.

He further asked Road Traffic Authority to put measures against such malpractices since the animals cause accidents.

“See how accidents are happening in the country. It happens that you are driving and unexpectedly a cattle has just come on the road. It is hard sometimes to negotiate and you end up swerving,” he added

One passenger who also uses the road told Malawi24 that most the farmers do not employ people to take care of their cattle, goats and sheep a tendency which is worrisome.

“Indeed I use this road more often and you find that always cattle interrupts drivers more especially between Salima and Mangochi road,” said the road user Agness Banda.

M5 road is also called Lakeshore road and it connects district such as Nkhotakota, Salima, Nkhatabay, Dedza and Balaka among others.

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  1. Go to Karonga you will not be more disappointed but Satanically confused to see cattle, goats, pigs and dogs scatted all over the tarmark road as if they are welcoming olemekezeka

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