Government wants skilled youths

Francis kasaila

Government says there is  need to encourage young people to acquire various skills so that they can help develop the country.

Speaking to local media, minister of labour, youths, sports and manpower development Francis Kasaila said there is need for more effort especially from the youths if the country is to develop.

Francis kasaila
Kasaila: The country needs skilled youths.

“For this country to develop economically it needs various skills from our youths, we should make sure that the youths have  acquired the skills and know basic principles of life,” he said.

Kasaila added that the government through the ministry is  making sure that Malawian youths are equipped with the skills starting from primary to tertiary education in order to create a room for the youths to start entrepreneurship.

He said his ministry knows that young people in parts of the country end up in early marriages hence the ministry is trying its  best enabling the youths acquire the skills while eradicating early marriages.

Kasaila then pleaded with the youths in the country to  make use of the community colleges which government has constructed in various parts of the country to acquire the skills.

He also asked  them  to remain in school in order to acquire the skills and develop this country.

69 thoughts on “Government wants skilled youths

  1. the targets are the youths but the benefitiaries ndnkhalamba zomwezo……if the goverment is up for our votes since w are 90% of country’s population then to hail,,,,wher were u idiots all these day when the youths were thirsty fo yo assistance,,,,,fees mtima university tanu topoirat munakweza,,,upkeep munachosa,,,kod ndalama imeneija which sector of goverment was allocated to? Chilima munthu oipa iwe,,,your idea w don’t buy it!!!!!!!! agaluuu

  2. Thats a gud move …salute the grvnment but when they r skilled try to gv the nation a 365 days of electricity so that those youth shud be working without any problem bcz any skill it works close yo electricity

  3. When u dnt appoint them u only appoint old people as learder of thd nation,in mational matters u dnt involve them,they cn only find jobs in constraction companies.

  4. i went through all comments,no one reacted negatively! they all commented positively bcoz the govt posted negatively! therefore it is {post tags} or question tags! so DPP GOVT watch out!

  5. Here in RSA, the boss said your diplomas qualifications are in almost 85 & more countries. U’ve better papers

  6. wht kind of skills,kuba mu boma?if nkhalamba zikuba mu boma yet dey knw kt ndalamazo azazisiya wht do u expct da youth to learn..magetsi mmathimitsa daily,tingaphunzilepo chani?

  7. Stupid Government Malawi ever had.Which skills are u talking about? Thousands of Malawi’s youth are crossing Zambezi river every day to look for green pastures in Mnzansi due to your nonsense in handring their livehoods.Shame on U !!!!!!!! Mxieeeeeew.

  8. After graduating as journalist at Lilongwe technical, i sept 15 months without securing a job. Not even an attachment, even now am looking for a job & i hope am not the only one. What skills do this government need in youth ???

    1. Yap guys here in RSA the boss said ABMA qualifications are used in more than 86 countries, u’ve better qualification. A . Association of B. Business M. Management, A. Adimistration.

  9. The youths are well skilled,the problem is your Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, you dont have a proper system to prutect their ? I can confide in you.

  10. they are good at raising good ideas but they don’t act so I call them fools and liars because they don’t do what they say.

  11. Skilled uth ndee kut chan? Tanenan kut mukufuna skilled uth ot mutilembe ntchto muone likukumwe lakelo. Osamatosa pa chilondai

  12. We are already having skills but but we failing to operate our business due to high taxes and luck of electricity which reads to us to go outside the country for greener pastures by doing so we are developing other countries

  13. The skilled boys and girls are already there on the ground, but the Goodall Gondwes, the Chapondas, the Henry Mussas etc etc are not retiring then where will these boys find work?

  14. NO Malawi need uneducated leaders from the village who understands the problems of Malawians and educated but uncorrupted leaders from USA to develop Malawi.

    1. how will they interact with people who are well educated in the east and west, for example at the UN summits you have been invited to address you do not speak English only Chichewa but there is a problem no one knows how can translate.being educated has advantages in that you can interaction with the rest of World easily.

  15. Kusowa chokamba ……Anthu alipo kale mufuna chani inuyo,alipowa mwapanga nawo chani,,,zobwebweta basi,,,mukayankhula choncho muziti ntchito ikuyenda? Kupusa

    DZUKA MALAWI!!!!!!!

  17. For how long will u be looking for them? Every year, there are youths coming up but nothing you do to them. Today , u speak this. U create nothing for the youths. Just using our taxes for nothing

    1. It’s for you, the millions more &myself to be skilled, create the Jobs for the youth with them doing the same for the Generation coming after them & it goes on that way. Malawi has almost everybody trained & training in LAZY Jobs that create Poverty instead of Wealth.

  18. We have the youths that are well skilled and well trained but we have them in our homes sweeping and gardening akungosewera bawo or are you looking them to be DPP cadets?

  19. bullshit we need loans to invest the business s not that when we’re about to submit it you’ll start talking your foolishness backup’s stupid system.

  20. Please offer us opportunities to demostrate our skills… internships .. vephi even volunteer position simukutipasa ndye skills yo iziwika bwanji kapena wat for?

  21. Ndimaganiza ngati ndimva zoti ‘Government need skilled people to apply for a certain job’ but only to need skilled people pamene Ena already skilled are out there doing nothing Mukuti ntcito mayazi mumalemba lemba aku family kwanu, what are you expecting from them? Get skilled and wrk out side the country? U have to creat job first then claim for skilled people ___ DANM!!

  22. if it is so that the youth can develop the country then stop using them in political issues and boost them with the skills that you are saying. and again make sure all those universities which are closed are open with emmediate effect

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