Miss BT is here!

Miss Blantyre

The wait is over as Miss Blantyre is finally here, thanks to the corporate world and the Blantyre City Council.

It’s happening tonight at Mount Soche Hotel, and organisers have put in place an attractive menu that constitutes high grade of entertainment one can ask for.

Miss Blantyre
Mhone (C) will hand over the crown tonight.

The road to the grand finale was made smooth by a number of companies.

Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM), Wow Designs, Nzika Wear, and Countrywide Car Hire, assuaged the once bumpy road.

The companies felt obliged to support the project as one way of giving back to the commercial capital.

Their help has largely boosted this year’s episode of the pageant, making it bigger and better.

Tonight, the reigning city queen Hannah Mhone hands over the crown.

Her successor’s fate entirely depends on the judging panel which will decide based on a number of modelling tests.

The fashion night will be further decorated by mums and ex-queens who will also have a share of runway time. However, their parade will not be competitive.

Music will be dished out by Nesnes and Lulu among others.

The latter returns to Miss Blantyre stage having spiced up the previous edition which took place at Comesa Hall.

Having reached this far, organisers have hailed the corporate world and Blantyre City Council for being of great support towards the project.