ECAM initiates education program to combat child labour

Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) has introduced Adopt a School Program to combat child labour through improving quality of education.

The move is also one way of commemorating World Day against Child Labour (WDACL) in Malawi.

The WDACL is commemorated on 12 June, however, in Malawi activities to mark the day will take place on 24 June in Chikhwawa under the theme “In Conflicts and Disasters, Protect Children from Child Labour”.

Around the world activities and events will be taking place to bring people together at the international, national and community levels to raise and address the issue of child labour.

In a statement, ECAM notes that child labour is unjustifiable since it takes away children from their parents and dwindle their chances of going further with education.

“Child labour is a violation of children’s human rights, a major brake on sustainable decent work for development and a stain on humanity. Eradicating it is a global and globally-agreed priority,” reads the statement.

According to ECAM, conflict and disasters cause mass displacement and children on the move are particularly vulnerable to child labour, as displacement might separate them from the protection of their parents and disrupt their education.

“Conflicts and disasters destroy livelihoods. As economic conditions worsen, the income that parents and adult siblings bring in may no longer be sufficient to sustain their families. Children often find themselves with no choice but to give up school and to work for their survival as well as that of their families,” stresses the organization.

However, ECAM in the statement has recognized the crucial role that employers in Malawi play in an effort to help children in conflicts and disaster by providing school feeding programs, learning and teaching materials, providing sponsorship to students and encouraging child labourers to go back.

The association has therefore chosen to mark the World Day against Child Labour this year through appreciating the efforts of employers to eliminate worst forms of child labour.

Employers will be required to send their company activities regarding child labour reduction which will be analysed accordingly and will be announced on the event.

ECAM has since asked all Malawians to join hands to eliminate child labour by 2025.

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