We are trusted by Malawians – Govt

Samuel Tembenu Malawi Justice Minister

Government has insisted that the President Peter Mutharika led government is trusted by Malawians despite a recent study showing otherwise.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu made the remarks in response to the recent Afrobarometer survey and Public Affairs Committee (PAC) meeting, both of which said Malawians have lost trust in Mutharika’s administration.

Afrobarometer said if elections were held at the time of its study, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) would have emerged as winners.

Samuel Tembenu
Tembenu backs Mutharika’s government on trust from citizens.

The study also found that Malawians have lost trust in the presidency and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

But Tembenu said though government is facing a lot of challenges, it is making sure that things should be moving smoothly in the country.

“First of all let’s answer is the trust gone? We have the trust from Malawians, though government is facing a lot of problems but it is trying its best [in addressing them],” said Tembenu in a discussion programme on a local television.

Tembenu also branded Afrobarometer’s survey incorrect saying the data collectors only approached a few people and did not state whether they interviewed rural or urban dwellers.

“In this country we are over 17 million people but Afrobarometer only interviewed 1200 people, one can ask how come that number out of that huge total population,” concluded Tembenu.

On issues raised by PAC, the minister said speakers at the conference were only generalising things without specifying areas which locals have lost trust in.



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  1. Which Malawians trust your government? Certainly not me.

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