Sidik Mia storms Balaka

Sidik Mia

Thousands of Muslims from Balaka district have received food items from the Mia Foundation.

The donation comes a few days after Muslims from the Lower Shire districts of Nsanje and Chikhwawa were also given foodstuffs from the same charitable organization for this month of Ramadan.

The foundation made the donations at Majiga 1 mosque in the area of Traditional Authority Nsamala, at Mtumbwe mosque in the area of T/A Kachenga and at Nandumbo mosque in the area of Chief Kalembo.

Sidik Mia
Sidik Mia: Supports communities in Balaka.

Chairperson for Mia Foundation Sidik Muhammad Mia said Islamic teaching has an aspect of charity, observing that doing charity is a must for every Muslim who can afford to donate.

He said it is against this background the Mia family decided to at least share the little they have with their fellow Muslims in the country so that they may also benefit from the charitable activities.

“As a Muslim and somebody who believes in the Islamic faith, I consider it as an important aspect that every year in this Holy Month I should be able to donate and give out to my fellow Muslims by distributing food items and sometimes even money to help them start some small scale businesses,” Mia said.

According to the Lower Shire Valley political giant, the charitable work will not spare Mangochi, Machinga, Zomba and Mulanje.

During the trip, Mia said concentrating on Islamic teachings cannot give an assurance of perfect continuity of the religion unless children also go to school.

On this, Mia promised to construct madrassa building for Muslim learners to attend education.

“Times are changing, we are no longer living in the past when academic religion did not matter. You must, therefore, realize the importance of sending the children to school where they can acquire academic knowledge and with that weapon our children will be able to efficiently carry Islam to the far future,” he told scores of Muslims who gathered at Majiga 1 Mosque in the area of Chief Nsamala in the district.

Sheik Fahad Muhammad, former District Chairperson for Balaka, commended the gesture taken by Mia to assist fellow Muslims and appealed to other Muslims to follow suit.


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