Govt angry with calls for Mutharika to be suspended

Malawi President Peter Mutharika
Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale suggests Mutharika be suspended.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has shot down calls to have President Peter Mutharika suspended over corruption.

The development follows a suggestion by People’s Land Organization (PLO) leader Vincent Wandale to have Mutharika suspended in order to facilitate smooth investigations into corruption cases.

Wandale cited an example of Brazilian President Michel Temer who is being probed for being connected to corruption cases.

“It’s really ironic that someone who is accused of corruption should be dealing with the malpractice, it can never be in that way, if people are really serious to solve the problem, the best way is to remove the culprit to pave way for investigations otherwise this is to be another funny story,” said Wandale.

Hetherwick Ntaba
Hetherwick Ntaba raises a hand in protest against Mutharika’s suspension demands.

Concurring with Wandale, Human rights activist Billy Mayaya urged Public Affairs Committee (PAC) stakeholders to facilitate Mutharika’s resignation arguing he has failed to walk his talk on issues hitting the nation.

But DPP’s vice president for the central region Hetherwick Ntaba objected the calls for suspension arguing the PAC conference aims at addressing problems that have marred the country and is not a platform for “overthrowing” Mutharika.

PAC stakeholders have converged for a conference in Blantyre over resolutions made last year that government failed to implement.

PAC members have since disclosed that the forum seeks to have a dialogue on the problems that Malawi is sailing on.


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  1. Ernest Charles Brosch----( Calder Brosch) --- (Grant Calder) --(Grant SHARRER ) ----Eugen Scharra -- Eugene Albert Charles SHARRER says:

    How can you trust this man ? (Mutharika)
    He has openly invited in the 21st century’s most imperial and colonial organisation in the world,to rape and pilage Malawi of all it’s assets and drag it’s people back to the 18th century only to fill his own pockets.
    My Great Grandfather may have been one of the first “Bastards” to do this (Eugene SHARRER ) and I apologize.
    But now thay go under the disguise of helping people and there country by being a “”LOAN SHARK”” That is the ‘IMF’. IMPERIAL MONEY only for FOOLS
    Malawi, When looking for help and assistance I believe you should look towards China , Yes thay too will need a return on there investment . But here is where the difference is, China looks towards the future prosperity of the country and it’s people to get its return.
    Get rid of him as soon as you can, it can only help Malawi.
    Wish you all the best.

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