Nigerian attempts to externalise dollars at KIA


Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on Monday arrested a 43-year-old Nigerian national for attempting to externalise US$7,000 (about MK5 million) which was hidden in his hand luggage.

KIA police spokesperson Sapulain Chitonde Lee has identified the man as Egemonye Christian Chinedu, a holder of a Nigerian Passport number A05010761.

Chinedu was apprehended inside the Departures Lounge at the airport in Lilongwe as he was waiting to board a Nigeria-bound Kenyan Airways flight.

According to Chitonde, the suspect was physically searched by Police officers manning the checkpoint and the said US$7,000) was found.

However when he was asked to show supporting documents, he failed to provide evidence from authorised Forex dealers.

“In his defence, Christian said he got the money in Tete Mozambique where he operates a clothing shop. He claimed that unspecified officers at the border (Mozambique, Malawi) told him not to worry about the cash. He said the advice made him to overlook the paperwork process because it implied that there would be no problem to travel out with the money,” Chitonde told Malawi24.

Currently, the suspect is in Police custody and is expected to appear in court to answer charges of illegal possession of foreign currency and attempting to externalise forex.

Egemonye Chinedu Christian comes from Nnewi in Lagos, Nigeria. But he has lived in Tete, Mozambique, for the past three years.



  1. Have the police ,MRA and cadets been to his house too,I wonder? Will he be kidnapped too after that?Malawians lets not play double standards if those are police standard practice to be observed.

  2. I was disappointed I had my connection flight and I had 10 000dollers but with receipts and I was going for orders they where hard on me I had to produce a 20dollers for the police officer to let go of me

  3. It is Malawi, that has a problem. A foreign National who is in transit can not be treated like that. The government of Malawi has no authority what so ever to confisicate international currency from international Travellers. This money must be given back to the owner without condition and let him travel to his home. Delays will only tarnish Malawi image on international map.

  4. mukuyankhula chifukwa simudayambe mwapitapo kunja kwa Malawi ayi funsani anthu odziwa za malamulo amayendedwe akuzani mene zimakhalila munthu ukamafuna kutipita kunja kuti ndalama umakazitenga kuti

  5. Ku Malawi i think we are somehow stupid mumatigwira ndi ma dollars pa airport tikupita kukaoda do you think tkamapita kumaoeder tizipita ndi miyala that’s why sitizalemera anzathu ma naiburing countries akugula ndege .za mbili coz onse akuthawa zanuzo flight kukayambila ku .tz or Zambia even 100000 us munthu safunsidwa poor malawians wake up

  6. Koma inu apolice ndinu opusa kombiri,5 millions ndi ndalama imeneyo? And more over its his own money ,mukungowadiya anthu akuba mkumalimana ndi anthu osalakwa bwanji?mudzamwalira imfa yowawa