Armed robbers hit Central Poultry


Armed thugs on Tuesday broke into Central Poultry Limited (CPL) Dudu estate in Lilongwe where they went away with an undisclosed amount of money.

Malawi24 understands that the thugs also shot one of the company’s bosses during the robbery.

The amount of money that has been stolen is yet to be established but according to a source the money is believed to be in millions.

According to the source who works at the company, the incident happened around 9pm when the boss identified as Jaco van Tonder was transferring cash from his office to his house.

“The boss was transferring money from his office to his house within the company premises. When he was coming back with money he met the thugs.

“The thieves demanded the money but the boss refused and he was severely beaten. The thugs then shot him on the back and went away with the cash,” said the source.

According to information that Malawi24 has gathered, Tonder has since been taken to South Africa for medical treatment.


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