Polytechnic to reopen in three weeks

University of Malawi

After having a forced holiday for months, students at Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of University of Malawi (UNIMA), are now to go back to class within three weeks.

The development follows a meeting that President Peter Mutharika had with the newly appointed university council on the way forward for the college following a closure due to fees hike saga.

Malawi Polytechnic
Poly: to reopen in three weeks

The council briefed Mutharika that they have been meeting parents to discuss the new fees structure hence the decision to open the university.

“The President was pleased to receive a report that the Council of the University is set to re-open the Polytechnic within the next three weeks. Prof. Mutharika was also delighted to hear that a group of concerned parents from all regions is engaging the University to open the College.

“In the current university fees structure, parents contribute 16% whereas Government meets the bill of 84% per student at the Polytechnic. The President hereby commends these parents for recognizing the need to share the cost of university education,” reads part of the statement from presidential secretary Mgeme Kalilani made available to Malawi24.

Students at the Malawi Polytechnic vowed not to pay the hiked fees, which will see them paying K350,000 each, arguing that they are one year behind on the academic calendar.

The students took the matter to court challenging management’s decision to introduce the new fees structure during the current academic year a development that saw court agreeing to the students’ reasoning.

However, Polytechnic management challenged the ruling by court as they argued that the college needs money for provision of quality university education standards but they were unsuccessful again on their wish of having the students pay new structures of fees.



  1. wat a big delay it is? let’s learn 2 resolve essues promptly…..otherwyz 4 yrs wll alwayz not b enough 4 a degree,wake up plz!!!! wat a pathetic thing spending 7yrs calling urself a varsity student only to end up in de sea of unemployment….en a bulk of fragmented theoretical knowledge which cannot b utilised to embark on selfemployment.Let’s use time wisely for abetter Malawi!!!! #cryingcitizen

  2. Corruption has killed the future of malawi..mostly the future of our generation & the next generation..now..Malawi is known as a corrupted country..they are busy killing the future of our new born professors.. now its our time we need new blood in the system..Once upon a time Malawi was a great nation…..lets wake up..

  3. Foolish pple waitng 4 2019 to change things…. with votes. Hw sure are u? Let’s jst stone these greedy fucks away!

  4. DPP led government has done more damage to our country than ever before, look at our economy, the inflation rate very high, k2000 note catalysed this leading to the downfall of our currency to other major trading currencies. Look at closing of Times group! A clear indication of suffocation of freedom of expression. Colleges closing anyhow, poly n chanco are still closed on issues that can easily and timely resolved. How about Zambia maize issue? Pple are sleeping on empty stomach just because of few individuals who want to pocket everything in their already full tanks. The list is endless. Anyway, 2019 is just around the corner. We are all eyes. Hope to see you in 2019. God bless our nation.

  5. I see now that these people create some of the problems we are facing deliberately so that we cry to them to solve the said problems. Once they have solved them, we heap showers of praise and ululation for the job well done. Wake up folks!!!

  6. I c DPP going off track now. the party knows the economic hardships of the nation, jobs no more, how can parents pay such new fees structure? wat criteria were u using to choose parents from all regions? wat u r doing now will be paid in 2019 unless we r all dead. muzingovomereza a council anuwo analuza kawiri ku court. domasi, ttc, universities konse kukweza fees. kwasalaku munena kuti aliyese azisonkhera ma ARV mukawapeza kuti ali ndi EDZI. wake up Malawi days are cruising.

  7. Yes, Chaponda can pay school fees for every poor student in all University Colleges. He has pocketed Billions of Kwachas from Zambia Maize. Maizegaiteeeee!!

    1. A chisinga ndi zoona zomwe mukunenazo, get my comment right. Am saying its time which has bn lost. Lets wait 4 de college 2 b opened then we see how many will fail 2 report due 2 lack of fiz. Mulungu amapanga njira pomwe palibe podutsa. Mavuto enawa tisamagwiritse mphavu zathu.

    2. Enock so chitsilu nindani pamenepo am in SA de same story koma boma linagotseka then now with de same amount of fees atsera ukafusa apindula chani answer is zero koma nthawi aiononga paulele while ena like kuno der in jail yet amachoka muma families ovutika double lose.

    1. They wanna conduct meetings first and the agenda of the meetings is best known by the University Council. Therefore, it turns out that varsity council best knows the condition.

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